3 Things Buyers Homebuyers Want To See And 3 They Don’t

Are you thinking about moving to a new place? Well, first, you’re going to need to sell your old one. Sellers want two things from a home sale. They want it to sell fast, and they want the offers to be high. Buyers are looking for a little more. You should understand that buying a home is a massive financial commitment. In other words, they are not typically going to settle for any old property. They are looking for something rather specific. So, what factors and traits should you add to your home to make sure you get that dream fast sale and what issues with your property do you need to fix before it goes on the market?

What Buyers Don’t Want To See

Do you have carpet in most of the rooms in your property? Most people think carpet is a good choice for a design because it gives the room some texture and it’s great for new parents. It’s far better for kids to fall on carpet than on hardwood floors. However, recent design trends have moved away from carpet completely. Instead, designers have favoured hardwood floors or, if you’re on a tighter budget, laminate flooring. Both can look ultra attractive and ensure that your home looks like a buyers dream.


As such, if your home is plagued with carpet, you might want to think about pulling it up and replacing it. Laminate flooring is easy to lay down even as a DIY job as it fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. If you do want to add some texture to the floors of your home, try adding a rug. You can use a rug to centre the room or even add layers to the design. Both are sure to impress any buyers checking out your property.


Outdated And Ordinary

Has your home fallen out of fashion? There can be many areas where this can happen. Even the outside of your home might be starting to look a little dull and outdated if you haven’t made any changes in a while. For instance, you might have an old, boring garage door. Remember, your garage doors are one of the first features that people will see when they visit your property. You need to make sure that they look magnificent because they do take a large area of your home. The front door is another exterior area that shouldn’t look old-fashioned.


What about inside the home? Well, you want to move away from boring old lampshades and light fixtures that look like they are out of the Victorian era. Unless your whole home has a vintage theme, it’s going to have a serious impact on the type of offers you’ll see from buyers. Instead, consider replacing these with spotlights or modern modern minimalistic fixtures. You would be amazed how much light accessories can change the look of a room.


Broken And Battered

Unless you’re selling your home as a fixer-upper and are willing to accept the price tag that comes with this choice, you can’t leave repairs around your property that need fixing. That means the whole in your kitchen wall, the chip off the counter or the scratches on your floor all need to be fixed. Make sure you have someone else looking around your property for needed repairs. You might be so used to them that they barely register at all. An outside perspective can make sure that you find the nitty and gritty details that are wrong with your home. This can be both eye-opening and a tad depressing.

What Buyers Will Love


Green is Great For Modern Buyers

If you want to make sure that your home sells at a high price on the market, you do need to think about energy efficiency. We spend so much time thinking about style that we forget about practicality and some buyers are far more interested in how a home works compared to how it feels. That means, rather than spending money on a kitchen renovation, you might want to consider replacing all the windows of your property to get triple glazing. This will also be beneficial if you live in a noisy area as they often reduce sound from outside as well. One site claims that ninety percent of buyers are interested in this particular feature.


Mountains Of Storage

If you’re selling a home one of your main target buyers will be couples looking to start a family. They want to make sure that they have a lot of space for their family and that includes storage. If your attic is cramped and cluttered, you might want to consider completing a conversion. With a full conversion, you can basically provide head space in your attic making it the perfect storage area. Or, you can even convert is completely into a brand new room, adding massive amounts of value to your property. While you’re looking at a sizeable investment, you can also see a substantial ROI.


Out In The Open

Lastly, be aware that a lot of buyers are loving the idea of an open plan home right now. If you don’t have an open plan property, it is possible to complete work to change that and bring your home into the modern age. Once again, this will be a substantial investment and you will need to hire experts to make sure that the job is completed correctly. However, it will immediately draw more buyers to your home and get the offers that you want.


The main area here to think about is the dining and living room. Most people these days don’t want a separate dining room because this layout has fallen out of style. If you want to get more interest from buyers knock down the wall between these two rooms and create one massive living area, as seen in the image above.

We hope you find these ideas useful when you are getting your own home ready for the market. Remember, if you make a massive ROI on your current property, you’ll be able to afford to buy the home of your dreams.


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