6 Signs that you need to replace your carpet

Although your carpet store promised a long lasting carpet, your family’s daily activities can easily affect the lifespan of the carpet. If you start observing the following signs, then it is time to replace your carpet.

  1. Matting

Your carpet’s material determines the development of matting. Matting is one of the biggest problems of polyester carpets. Even if they feel nice, they may develop matting. Once matting has started, you couldn’t do much about it and now it is time to replace your carpet. When you look for new carpets online, it is recommended to opt for nylon carpets as they resist matting.

  1. Stains

Although, good carpet stain removers are available in the market, there is always that one or two stain that just does not go away. When stains don’t get removed and start getting bigger in size, you simply cannot hide them under furniture. Then, it is time to replace the carpet for good.

  1. Foul Odors

We are not talking about ordinary odors from your pets and delay of carpet cleaning. We are talking about foul odors which don’t go away even if you perform deep cleaning on your carpet. This means that the odor has deeply penetrated into the fibers of your carpet and you can’t do anything about it. For such reasons, it is important to regularly clean your carpets so that this condition never arises.

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  1. Mold

Mostly due to damp basements, moisture gets accumulated towards the lower surface of a carpet. Failure of evaporation provides a habitat for mold. Gradually, mold spreads throughout the carpet and it becomes a necessity to replace the carpet, otherwise you will get allergies. You can identify the mold through its stale smell.

  1. Carpet Padding

Padding acts as a soft pillow to your carpet providing comfort and making it easier for you to walk on it. If your carpet has developed wrinkles and has started making crackling sounds, it needs to be replaced.

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  1. Beauty Aesthetics

Your grandma’s carpet may be very much popular back in the 80s but now, you need to improve your style game. Get a carpet which is trendy and which matches your house environment. Increasing aesthetic appeal of your home, you will earn the praise and respect of your friends and family.



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