Shift working? How to get a better night’s sleep with Bloc Blinds

Need a better night’s sleep? Bloc Blinds a leading manufacturer of high-quality roller blinds has recently been undertaking research on sleep quality and to what extent it is affected by how much or how little sleep we get.

Need a better night's sleep? Bloc Blinds a leading manufacturer of high quality roller blinds has recently been undertaking research on sleep quality.

According to recent data insights from the TUC it is estimated that around about 12% of the UK employment workforce are night shift workers.  A big percentage of this group is also thought to suffer particularly from ‘Shift Work Sleep Disorder’ which is where those whose work hours overall with the usual sleep cycle results in excessive sleepiness, lethargy, and insomnia.

As the working landscape continues to alter, and with more people than ever before working later into the night or overnight, it seems that natural circadian rhythms across the land are being disrupted. Some health experts have even suggested that working night shifts can also be a contributing factor with regards to other health issues including heart disease, digestive disorders, and even menstrual irregularities.

In order to help this group of people get a better night’s sleep, Bloc Blinds, a leading British manufacturer of roller blinds set about creating a new design called the BlocOut™ blind, which works to effectively form a seal between the room and the window, resulting in a total blackout.  

Special custom side rails act to completely block the light in rooms. 

From a recent survey carried out by the brand, at least nine out of ten Bloc Blinds customers reported a better night’s sleep as a result of using the BlocOut™ system along with other notable benefits such as noise reduction in built up or urban areas caused by road or flight path traffic. The award-winning BlocOut™ design has been helping some of those with sleep disorders to eliminate light totally from sleeping spaces. The special design ensures longer sleep periods, as well as being used to aid ‘nap time’ and helping those with sleep issues catch up on sleep when those opportunities are available. By eliminating bright morning light and aiding the light-dark cycle, its thought to help delay the body clock, and increase melatonin levels, which increases sleep length during both daytime and night time in shift workers. 

Need a good night's sleep? Bloc Blinds a leading manufacturer of high quality roller blinds has recently been undertaking research on sleep quality.

Bloc Blinds has also just launched a new own-brand app called the BlocIQ™compatible with the BlocOut™XL model as well as standard roller blinds, to help with a better night’s sleep. Up to 10 blinds can be operated remotely via the app with a range of personalised timers that can be preset, and fully customisable to each user. Simply log into your app, select the rooms and ‘ scenes’ you want to create and this clever bit of roller blind ‘kit’ does the rest.


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