Focus On These 5 Areas And Your Home Will Feel Transformed

When it comes to interiors, we all have ideas on what we want to do with the spaces that we have. We take our personal style, our interiors tastes, and we twist the trends that we see in magazines or ideas we’ve gotten from friends. But sometimes, we still don’t end up with the interiors that we really want. And it can be tough. Because when you’re really excited to create the perfect space and you actually end up with something that looks nothing like you wanted to, it can be disheartening. You’re also left wondering what went wrong. Well sometimes, there can be a few issues that you’re facing.

The first is that you’re taking on too much. When you’re looking to change the entire house, you can get a little overwhelmed. This then leads you to make decisions about rooms and decor choices that just don’t work. So you’re always going to end up disappointed with the finished effect. At the same time, you may not be focusing on the right areas. Because in any home, there are also a few key areas that make the most impact on your home altogether. So let’s take a look at the five areas of interiors that you should be focusing on to transform your home.

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The Kitchen

First of all, it’s always best to tackle the heart of the home. The kitchen is where you spend a lot of time, and you can really set the tone of your entire interiors when you create a kitchen that you love.

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The Overall Theme

As much as you may be tempted to just take different ideas that you love and go to town with them, your kitchen will always look its best when you’re able to create an overall theme. Do you want to go with farmhouse chic, or maybe modern monochrome? Don’t be afraid to be daring either. If you really want to love the space, sometimes you have to push past what you want and tone things up a little.

Your Counters

When it comes to space in your kitchen, it’s safe to say that your counters and your cabinets are what take up the most room. And because of this, they’re what you first see when you enter the kitchen. So put most of your focus and budget into these two areas. When you know that you’ve got this right, everything else will kind of blend in.

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The Dining Space

From here, you’re then going to want to figure out what you’re doing with your dining space. If you want to keep it separate, then go for it. But make sure that you do consider your kitchen diner options first. A lot of the time, this is a great way to make the most of your space and add a real ‘home’ feel to even the most out there of designs.

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The Living Space

From here, you’re then going to want to think about your main living area. Again, this is another area of the home that you spend a lot of time in – and it’s quite vast. So let’s see what you can do to transform this area.

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Include The Entryway

When it comes to your living space, you probably think about your lounge and leave it at that. But that’s what will leave you feeling like the area just doesn’t really look right. This is why you need to start with your entryway. Ideally, you want to set the tone and make the right first impressions here. Don’t make the design separate or too different from its surrounding rooms.

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Focus On Flow

The reasons for this is flow. If your entryway feels like it should be in another home, your living space just won’t look or feel right. Instead, when you’re able to create flow and allow your entryway to sort of introduce the rest of your living space, you’re going to be a much more powerful effect.

Create Coziness

Finally, you also want to go with a cozy effect here. Even if you want to follow the latest design trends and you want your home to look stylish above all else, remember what this space is for. You need to be able to relax in these areas, so they should feel cozy even if they’re also cutting edge. Choosing the right fabrics can really help you to do this.

Your Bedroom

And, of course, you’re going to want to ensure that your sleeping area is a good as it can be. To help you, here are three things to stick to.

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Relaxation Is Key

Just like we focused on coziness in the living space as the main practical element, you need to be able to do this in the bedroom. Specifically, you need to focus on the relaxation side of things. Because your bedroom is for sleeping – not work or anything else. When you can create a calming, soothing, and restful space, you will feel blown away by the finished look. So keep relaxation at the center of your decisions and you should love how it turns out.

Organize Your Closet

At the same time, you don’t want your bedroom to turn into a crazy chaotic space because your clothing isn’t organized. Instead, think about building a walk in, or creating a closet out of spare room that you have. Not only will this feel like a dream come true, but it will also mean that you can keep the bedroom more relaxed because the storage is organized.

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Create An Ensuite

Lastly, if you really want to transform the space and finally have the master bedroom of your dreams, you’ll want to add an ensuite if you don’t have one already. If you’re building a walk in, you could take half of the space that you’re used from an old unused bedroom next door, and make it the bathroom, or even choose another room altogether just to make the bathroom itself bigger.

The Landscaping

A huge mistake that you’ll often make is only focusing on your interiors. Because a lot of the time, if your interiors are complete, but the outside isn’t, it will affect how you feel about the finish overall. So here’s what you need to do to take care of your interiors.

Start With The Driveway

The first thing to do outside is, again, the ‘practical’ part. Because you don’t want to start landscaping and then realize that the design just doesn’t work for your lifestyle. So think about the gates, the size of the driveway, carport designs, and the garage. Work in these practical elements first and then look at landscaping around them.

Finish Off The Front

When that’s all planned out, you can then work to make the most of the space left. Whether you have a tiny area or a full front yard to work with, be imaginative. Feel free to work in your favorite flowers and trees, and have fun with it. But make sure that you keep maintenance in mind, so low-key options might work best for the front yard.

Create A Back Garden Oasis

And when it comes to the back garden, feel free to go a little crazy. Because this is your oasis. You’re going to want to make sure that you have the key areas for eating and relaxing, but if you want a water feature or a pool or a rose garden, go for it. Remember, you’re looking to transform the space. So be brave with your ideas and choose a final design that will knock your socks off every time you step outside.

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Your Organization

Finally, we’re going to talk about organization. Technically, this isn’t a room or area of the house, but it is still a huge area or concept of your home. And you’re definitely going to find that it can make a huge difference to your exterior.

Storage Solutions

Although we’ve already mentioned your closet, you are going to want to ensure that you’re working to keep the rest of the home organized too. Because your kitchen, living space, or even your yard just won’t look right if each space isn’t organized. Make sure that your design come with cupboards or storage areas, or even an organizational section in the garage. Because when everything is organized, it will look its best.

A Cleaning System

As a step on from that, you’re also going to need a great cleaning schedule that you can stick to. When the decor is all finished, you need to remember that things won’t stay that perfect for long. They’ll get messy and dirty. But if you can work in a system that helps you to stay on top of things, you’ll find that your home always looks its best.

Converting Space

To help you with both of the sections, you may find that transforming unused spaces will really help you here. When you can utilize your old attic or basement for storage if you don’t have any additional space to add it in, you will find that your transformed spaces will always look the part.

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