From Doors To Drawers: Discovering Wooden Wonders For Your Home

You sit on your comfortable sofa, sipping a warming latte in the morning before you head off to work; you flick through a home interior magazine and long to live in the luxurious houses which are splashed across the glossy pages. Having an on trend home is one of your inner desires which is raring to come out. Residing in an effortlessly chic home and spacious home, which is brimming with classic wooden touches is the way you want to live. Take these ideas on board and your magazine dream home will soon be able to become a living reality for you.

Demure Doors


You often don’t look at your doors as an integral part of your home decor, but they play huge role in creating a consistent look throughout. Investing in good quality Oak Doors for each and every room in your home could spare you later expenses of having to replace cheap models. It is much more pleasing to admire matching doors with a classic wooden style, instead of chipped and aging ones. The new doors will also bring about a sophisticated air to your entire home as they will all match perfectly.


Fabulous Flooring


Not only are wooden floors easy and cheap to maintain, but they are also a timeless addition to any home. Whether you have young children or you’re still young yourself, a wooden floor is practical, stylish and chic. Installing high quality wooden flooring throughout the majority of rooms in your home, especially the kitchen, bathrooms and lounge will make your entire home feel more elegant in an instant.



Demure Decor


The small and detailed decorative items which you add into your home can give it the extra touch of class it deserves. As well as covering your sofas with luscious cushions and littering your bed with bright, fluffy blankets, you might also want to consider some quirky wooden accessories which would make the theme of your home come together flawlessly. From wooden picture frames to unique footstools you can decorate your own wooden bits and pieces to bring a person and sophisticated vibe to the rooms in your house.


Fantastic Furniture


Whatever your personal tastes are, it is very difficult to go wrong when you invest in solid, durable and classic wooden furniture. Deep, dark, chocolate woods exude a royal elegance which cannot be beaten. When you are choosing your furniture try to stick with a similar shade of wood for each room, so that you aren’t left with mismatched items all over the place. Lighter woods will bring a brightness to your bedroom and darker woods will make your lounge and dining room feel warm and welcoming.


When it comes to revamping the entire look and feel of your home, the devil is really in the detail. Try not to overthink the patterns and designs of wallpapers, bedding and rugs. What will make your home fabulous and timeless, will be the characterful wooden features. From stunning doors to perfect floors, now is the time to start crafting your dream home.



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