Let There Be Light! Maximising The Natural Light Within Your Home

There’s nothing worse than seeing the beautiful sun laden vista outside of your window only to retreat into your humble abode to find a dark environment. You want more natural light to envelop your pad. You want to feel like you aren’t at risk of developing rickets should you choose to stay indoors and you want to reap the health benefits of natural light. This can be hard to achieve if your house is facing an awkward direction, there are structures blocking the light available to you or if your windows are small. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to mitigate these barriers and see you enjoying natural light within your home.


It goes without saying that the quality and size of your windows is the number one way to achieve the maximum amount of light coming into your home. Companies like Buckingham Double Glazing specialise in installing large floor to ceiling glass sliding doors and a range of casement windows. By securing the services of a reputable team of experts, you could find yourself with more natural light in your home simply by upgrading your glazing.



Within your rooms, it’s vital that you don’t opt for the rich burgundy hues or dark plum tones. These may look vibrant and opulent, but they are also dark minimising the light being bounced around the room. Instead opt for a sheen finish emulsion with lighter shades such as white, cream and pastel colours for your interior. These will reflect the light more easily, and the room will feel brighter and larger for it.



A great tactic is to use a mirror or two or three within the living spaces of your home. Above a fireplace, a mirror can bounce the light effectively and reflect the space within the room creating a clever little illusion of more square footage. Mirrored surfaces can also be utilised on furniture and on the doors of cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes.



If you long to feel the plush comfort of carpet beneath your feet ensure you choose a light colour rather than a deep brown or dark blue. More effective than carpet and reflecting the available light is polished laminate, varnished floorboards and high-quality linoleum.


Within our four walls, we may have employed every tactic known to humankind to maximise the light. However, sometimes you need to look outside. If there are overgrown trees, bushes or other foliage blocking your light and windows, prune them back. You may need to employ the services of a specialist if your trees have encroached upon your home like the Triffids. You may even want to stump the offending mammoth trees to ensure they won’t ever again have the chance to block your home’s natural light. This simple step could see your home bathed in light once again.


By following this guide, you will maximise the natural light within your home, leading to a brighter, lighter and happier living space.



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