My Favourite Paint Colours This Season!

Guest Post By Alexandra Samuilova for WARINGS AT HOME

As difficult it is to choose just a few of the extraordinary Farrow&Ball colours, over the past year, as full stockists of the 132 unmatched shades, we have noticed that the following colours have been most popular among our customers.

Pigeon – Front Door

This strong blue grey was one of the most popular colours that our customers chose in 2017.  A contemporary shade, particularly suited for use in darker spaces such as studies and panelled rooms, it is also incredibly popular on front doors, for a modern country style entrance to the home.

Stiffkey Blue – Kitchen Cabinets

An inky blue, named after the local Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue. This blue shade has been particularly popular with kitchen cabinets and islands all throughout 2017, thus making its way to our top 5 Farrow&Ball shades of the past year.

Stiffkey Blue has a traditional feel to it, and, when used in well-lit areas of the home, appears even bluer, working wonderfully when contrasted with Ammonite.

Green Smoke

Green smoke is a dark and smoky green, particularly popular with interiors in 2017. It has an irresistibly inviting deepness and weathered familiarity, while evoking calm and serenity when used inside.

Dark and moody interiors trends are definitely here to stay, and Green Smoke is a colour that has proven to give any room that contemporary twist. For best results, pair with other bold shades such as Off Black and Studio Green.


Brassica No. 271 is a warm shade that lifts cold feeling rooms without being overtly red. Don’t be afraid to use this bold colour with its beautiful rich lavender tones. It’s a very feminine colour in light areas, and is such a warm shade, it will really lift an otherwise cold feeling room.

For a contemporary feel, it is often combined with Calluna No. 270 and/or Strong White No. 2001, giving out charming, feminine vibes.

Black Blue

As we mentioned previously, deep and sophisticated hues, such as the dark but inviting Black Blue, have been extremely popular in 2017. Black Blue takes its name from the two essential pigments that make up its rich colour. This deep shade appears much bluer when seen in large areas and especially when used in Full Gloss finish. When painted on small areas, or contrasted with a bright white, it will appear almost black in colour. This saturated tone can feel incredibly sophisticated and is perfect for those with a discerning eye for colour.


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