Need-to-Know Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

A kitchen is truly the heart of our homes, the place where we get family and friends together, discuss our days and revel in the bonding ritual of preparing and sharing food together. So it’s little wonder that a dream kitchen tops most of our home makeover wishlists. A beautiful focal point for a home, it provides pleasure while you live there and also makes a property immensely more saleable. But whether you’re planning a full, Grand Designs-style makeover, or merely a low-key refresh of your existing layout, it’s good to understand what the hot trends in modern kitchen design are for 2018.

A Burst of Colour

We’ve been playing it safe in neutrals for far too long now, so it’s not surprising that the cutting edge of kitchen design is moving away from whites and greys, and into bursts of colour, from sugary pastel pinks to bursts of sunshine yellow. And the key is all in the contrast – light, airy shades for the food preparation areas, set against darker, more intimate hues for the eating and socialising areas. So you might find citrus coloured units paired with a navy blue, for example. This fresh approach adds personality to the space and allows homeowners to show more of their personalities in their decor.

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A Smarter Kitchen

Intelligence is coming to our kitchens, as AI creeps into each aspect of our homes – and from a refrigerator that knows when you’re out of milk to a clever boiler installation that can be remotely controlled, the latest kitchens are crammed full of smart gadgets to make life easier. The ‘internet of things’ means that appliances connected to wi-fi are becoming a viable option. Many owners are also opting for a Zip Tap, that provides instant boiling hot or filtered, cool water.Smart ovens that can be controlled remotely from your phone also mean you can make a start on the dinner, even when you’re stuck in a meeting.

Bringing the Outside In

With more and more focus on provenance – where our food comes from – and the rise in people wanting to bring the outside in, the next big thing after bi-fold doors will be installing a living wall. This literally means designing a feature wall of plants. Mosswall makes for striking visuals, plus great acoustic insulation and the oxygen boosting benefits of indoor plants. Other people are using troughs in islands and countertops to grow kitchen garden items such as herbs.

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Get a Handle On It

Most of us are used to seeing a standard range of handles in kitchens, but ornate, antique and reclaimed statement handles are injecting a bigger dose of personality back into the heart of the home. Bright coppers and rose golds have the edge on sleek chrome, or even mismatched ceramic handles sources from specialist second hand kitchen fittings shops. This is reflected by the amount of different finishes smaller appliances, such as kettles, are now being produced in. The more individual, the better!

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