Paint Colour Of The Week – Hustle At 5pm

Commuting home in the hustle and bustle after 5pm would be bearable with a paint shade like this for company.

First of all this colour gives you the impression of light and warmth and a room painted yellow seems larger and brighter. So if your living room is a bit smaller than you would like it to be, paint it yellow and combine this pale yellow with white for the best effect.

Provides a hard wearing smooth matt finish, protects against extreme weather conditions, resisting dirt and the growth of mould and algae. Suitable for use on all properly prepared exterior concrete and cement render.

Yellow can be a colour that will help you create a merry look for your living room, but you will have to combine it with string colours like red, orange, black or blue. Just make sure you do not use too make strong colours in this combination because it can be tiring for the eyes, especially if there are kids around the house. Look at the above picture and you will have some idea a good combination.

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Peafowl – Fired Earth PaintHustle At 5pm – Fired Earth Paint


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