Playroom Ideas That Will Do More Than Just Look Good

When designing a playroom you imagine pastel colours, fluffy teddies, and a plethora of toys for your children to play with. However, there are some design features that you could add to not only look good, but to serve other purposes too. It’s no secret that children will always manage to hurt themselves, but with these tips you can rest assured that their playroom is the safest place that they could be while you get on and do other things around the house.

Install a hatch

If your playroom is situated next to your kitchen, an idea would be to put a hatch in the wall so that you can not only keep an eye on the kids playing, but also interact with them at the same time. Super useful for those times where you have made them food and want to pass through a sandwich or two for them to graze on while playing. Plus, having a hatch in your home is something that many homes no longer possess, and it would add a touch of old fashioned style to your home.

Covert cameras

If a hatch isn’t an option for you but you want to keep an eye on the children while you’re doing other things, then a covert camera in the room might be the perfect answer for you. Rather than having a camera that sticks out like a sore thumb, you could get one that’s disguised as something else so that it blends in well to the room. Rhino offer CCTV camera installation and can offer you the service of covert cameras. Perfect for those times when arguments break out and you’re not sure who ‘started it’, and of course, to make sure that your children are playing happily and haven’t hurt themselves.

Rounded furniture

As mentioned above, children will always find a way of hurting themselves, so it’s a good idea to consider rounded furniture. Not only is it safer for children to play around, but the softer edges of your furniture will blend in nicely with the theme of your playroom. You can also buy furniture with rounded corners too for those times where a round table simply wouldn’t fit well into the room. Take a look at this range of rounded furniture and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy!

Play mats

Finally, playmats are always a good addition to have in your playroom so that any falls or bumps can be cushioned easily to prevent any serious injuries. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes, and are fairly inexpensive to buy in bulk. Why not cover the whole floor in them and make the floor exciting for the children to look at? Another bonus?. They are super easy to wipe clean if (and when) any spillages occur!



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