Putting Your Personal Style Into Your Interiors

Looking to design a dream home that suits you down to the ground? Well, did you ever consider starting with your wardrobe?

There’s no better expression of your personal taste than what you wear – and whatever your style, this can easily be translated into a home décor style that you’re guaranteed to love. There’s a lot of information just hanging on those rails, from what colour palette you’re drawn to, to whether you favour sharp lines and tailoring, or a relaxed, floaty look.


Even the details can mean everything. That pattern you love on a top? Find some wallpaper in a similar style. Adore your battered leather jacket? Introduce a comfy, stuffed leather sofa. Even the textures you wear can be reinterpreted as styles for your interiors.


Accessories can also help – if you’re adorned with tattoos and piercing and you’re constantly scouring the internet for a guide to daith piercing, add edgy, ornate accessories to reflect that aesthetic. Here are the key things to consider:


Your Lifestyle

Our wardrobes, and also our homes, need to work for the lifestyles that we lead. So if your work and hobbies are all pretty casual, and you spend your life dressed down in jeans and trainers to suit that, then opt for a practical style at home, with cosy textures that are easy to care for – it wouldn’t make sense to suddenly go for formal, high-backed chairs and delicate fabrics. Be honest about what will work for you and your circumstances.


Simplification or Elaboration?

Life’s serial overdressers, that turn up to casual family party in a full-on ball gown, love drama and excitement, so they should seek to recreate this in their interior style – think dramatic candelabras, bold flower arrangements and statement art on the walls. Others prefer keeping it simple – clutter makes them feel stifled. In this case, calming abstract prints and lots of storage to keep surfaces clear will be a preference.


Neutrals or Brights?

If colour makes your heart sing, you know that going bright with your interiors is the answer – although there can be degrees of this. If you don’t feel fully comfortable opting for yellow kitchen units, dip your toe in with colourful wallpaper on a feature wall or with bright accessories such as cushions, lamps and pictures. If your taste runs more to fifty shades of grey, then a subtle tonal look using neutrals can be made luxurious by introducing different textures.


Key Influences

Who your style icons are will definitely inform how you can choose to decorate. If Kate Moss and her rock and roll style is for you, take a look at her interiors – lots of neon artwork, dark paint colours, copper accessories and statement wallpaper. If your icon is more Kate Middleton than Kate Moss, you may want to look at lighter colours, more traditional furniture, crisp white bed linen and monogrammed towels.


Prints and Textures

From subtle pinstripes to bold blooms, what prints speak to you are also important. Add patterned with graphic wallpapers or upholstered pieces. Similarly, trust the textures you love to wear. Live in that faux-fur vest? Then grab a faux-fur throw for the living room or bedroom. All about suede? Then you know what sofa finish to go from. Simple pointers will make your interior style more intuitive.



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