Why Is The Coolness Of Scandi So Hot Right Now?

Sweden isn’t renowned for taking the world by storm. Sure, the Vikings have a bit of a global reputation, but that was mainly the Norwegians. And, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a solid reason to watch football, be it in Manchester or Los Angeles! But, for the most part, it isn’t a country that is at the forefront of popular culture. Then, a couple of years ago, the Scandi interior design style hit and took off like a Boeing 747. Nowadays, homes around the world are full of Swedish trends and the attitude doesn’t appear as if it is going to stop.

So, what caused the tipping point? Here are a few ideas.


Swedish Meatballs

Do you love Swedish meatballs? Where do you think of when this tasty dish springs to mind? Yep, the answer is Ikea. Granted, the café hasn’t revolutionised the way people decorate their homes, but it has made them a few extra kronor. And, more importantly, it has encouraged swathes of homeowners to check out the latest designs in the most Swedish shop on the planet. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that everything is ridiculously affordable either. There’s no doubt that awareness of Scandi is higher than before and that has played a huge role in the trend’s success.

Scandi furniture

Exclusive Yet Inclusive

Interior design is weird. The style is looking to take off into the stratosphere, but, to hit the target, it needs to appeal to a niche audience. Cool, trendy people have to connect with the brand and then the salesmen have to sell it to the rest of the public. In short, Scandi needs to be exclusive enough to be hip and fresh yet inclusive so that it is accessible for the masses. And, it has done this pretty effectively. Going to Ikea, for example, is an event because there is only a handful around the country. When you’re there, however, everything is cheap and sleek and easy to transport home.


Tailored Smartly

Usually, styles are rigid. If you don’t follow the rules, then there isn’t much point in adopting the fashion in the first place. Scandi has an element of this, yet it’s very flexible too. Take the colour scheme as an example. White is the original shade linked with the style, but there are plenty of different versions, from cream to eggshell. Light is another feature. Natural light is a must, yet you can choose how much you let in with blinds manufactured for this purpose. Tailoring a home to fit a minimalist style should be the hardest option but Scandi seems to do it without any hassle.

Scandi living room

Practically Functional

It’s easy to forget about the main purpose of interior design – functionality. Style often takes the lead over substance, which results in good-looking and uncomfortable homes. The Scandinavian fashion is both easy on the eye and relaxing. Furniture uses fabric instead of leather, for instance. Material is a cosier choice as cow’s hide can be tight and cold.


The title should probably read “why would Scandi not be hot right now?”



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