The Sofas I Have Been Dreaming About Lately

Pudding Sofa – £1145

I am in love with this sofa. Can you just imagine after a long days work coming home to sink into this? I am loving this colour at the moment too. I even dyed my hair this colour a couple months back!

Mabel Sofa – £1550

Yes I know these are very simmilar sofas, but can we not apreciate the feet on this one? I love everything about this sofa! The colour is that seaside dusky blue that would work so easily with different colours and still remain a statement piece.

Bagsie Sofa – £1625

Staying on the blue train here. This sofa’s shape is really pretty and elegant while still staying pretty subtle.

Axel Leather Sofa – £1919

Thought I’d change up the fabric here. Leather is a classic and I love it when it has that modern boxy aesthetic to it. In my mind I feel like this wouldn’t be as comfy as the others but my word thats nice to look at. Plus it is utterly timeless and will never go out of fashion.



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