Working With A Growing Children’s Room

Kids grow every day. Because of this, it can be seriously difficult to try and keep up with their interests and likes! Once you understand that pink is their favourite colour, and you paint their bedroom to reflect it, they change their mind and decide blue is the thing for them. It’s frustrating, and eventually you might just let them go to town with crayons on the walls.

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But if you plan with this growth in mind, you’re going to be able to switch and swap whenever you need to, according to the whims of the mind of a five year old. So once you’ve got your playroom up and running, it’s time to go back to your kid’s bedroom with some semi permanent furniture pieces to make sure they always feel comfortable in their living space. Here’s a couple of tips.

Always Let Them Participate

When a child is allowed to take part in what goes on in their own room, there’s a lot you can do to make sure they’re going to continually like what it is that’s around them! They can make a lot of their own wall art, they can decide what goes where, and they’re going to feel a lot more important because of all of this.

Get them to splash paint all over a canvas and then hang it up, or have them create the most worthy fridge art and then frame it for hanging on their wall. It’s a nice touch, and makes sure your child always has a place that feels like their own space. Buy some chalk and a blackboard to hang up if you don’t like the idea of having some permanent fingerpainting around, and then the kids themselves can swap and change off of their own backs. Provide them with plenty of materials and you’re going to have some very creative art to show off!

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Look for Versatile Pieces

Being versatile with furniture can mean a lot of things, but for example, if you’ve got bunk beds, you’ve got a space to fit two people in, no matter who they are or how big they are! So buy with change in mind; some things that combine colour and style, that can be used by any age, and something kids can still have a lot of fun with.

If you buy up Lifetime kids furniture, you’re going to have a lot more to work with, no matter how rapidly growing your child is. A bed with a secret hideout underneath works from about 5 to 15 years of age, a bed that has a slide to get out of it is going to be a wonder for any 8 year old, and a desk chair for anyone who likes to pretend to be older than they are!

Decorating a child’s room should always be left to the later years, as kids have their own personalities. Ask them what they want, and always look for a sale for the best deals.


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