8th Day of Blogmas – 4D design: make your dream kitchen or bathroom a reality

Many people go into a new year with home improvement plans in mind. The kitchen and bathroom can be good spaces to focus your attention, particularly if you’re looking to add value to your property in 2020. However, knowing what styles to opt for and what will work can be daunting, leaving many people feeling more nervous than excited over the prospect of starting the work.

You’re not alone – research suggests that 35% of home owners experience decision paralysis over their home improvements, often getting no further than the initial design stages of a new kitchen or bathroom before being filled with fear that they won’t be comfortable living with the finished room. It doesn’t matter how many glossy interiors magazines are flicked through or how many displays are admired in showrooms, what the finished kitchen or bathroom will look and feel like in real life can be difficult to visualise. 

Thankfully, there is a way around this, with the latest in 4D technology offering users a virtual reality tour of their dream room. Many good independent retailers now have 4D VR technology in their showrooms, offering a new way to choose a new kitchen or bathroom. Immersive virtual reality, such as Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre enables the user to feel what it would really be like to stand, move around in and use space.

The technology offers a new level of spatial awareness, and you are able to walk freely around your new kitchen or bathroom during the design stage. You can check if there is enough space around your kitchen island, change the lighting from day to night, open cupboards and even stand in the shower or put your hands under the taps and see them getting wet. It’s a little like trying on a new pair of shoes and checking they’re a comfortable fit.

If any element of the design doesn’t look quite right, adjustments can be made with a click of a button, removing that element of doubt that you’re often left with from design stages to final installation and ensuring that the bathroom or kitchen you plan is the one that you get.

Visit www.find4.co.uk to find your nearest Virtual Worlds retailer.

This was a collaborative post with http://www.find4.co.uk/


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