Ash-Tonishing Ways To Use Wood In Your Home

If there is one material that many interior designers like to use when they are creating new and exciting decor designs, it has to be wood. These days we are now encouraged more than ever to try and bring in more natural materials to our homes as they are so much more environmentally friendly than the man-made ones. And there is no natural material more versatile than wood! There are countless ways you can use it in your home, but here are just a few of the best ones.

Wooden Bathroom Units

When we think about designing a bathroom, I’m sure most of us will think about using metals and plastics as these are what were traditionally used. However, these days more and more of us are starting to bring in wood and other natural materials as well. And if you take a look at the wooden units here, you can see exactly why that is. They make for some very chic features and will enhance the overall style of your bathroom.

Exposed Floorboards

Possibly the easiest way to use wood in your home is to expose the floorboards in some of your rooms. This works particularly well in kitchens and living rooms. This is also really cheap and simple to do too. After all, you just need to take up the carpet or other type of flooring that is currently covering them. Depending on the state of the floorboards, you might need to polish them, although the ruffed up, vintage look is very much in right now!

Reclaimed ArtworksFound art is considered very cool and trendy right now. This is art that has been created out of things found outside in the environment, and one really popular form of this kind of art is driftwood. So, if you live near the beach, you should think about popping down one day to see if there have been any interesting pieces of wood that have washed up. Once the wood has dried out, you will be able to display it as a natural artwork.

Wooden Cladding

Many homeowners think that their cladding needs to be as neat and tidy as possible, especially if it is on an inside wall. That’s not the case anymore, and vintage wooden cladding that often looks mismatched is now very fashionable. You’ll be able to add different wooden shades to create a very interesting wall.

Oak Coffee Tables

Why not use an oak tree stump as a coffee table?! This is a very cool idea that will look very chic in most vintage-inspired living rooms. In fact, you don’t have to just use tree stumps as coffee tables – they can also be used as side tables where you can display pretty vases of flowers. Some homeware stores will sell treated stumps that you can use straight away. If you live near a forest, you might be able to source your own. Just remember that you will need to treat it with a wood stain so that it lasts.

How will you use wood?

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