5th Day of Blogmas – How to get your bathroom ready for Christmas

This was a collaborative post with Bespoke Interiors


Now that we’re in December, people are starting to get their homes ready for Christmas by dressing up rooms with all kinds of festive decorations. One room which often overlooked is the bathroom. For most of us, we won’t be able to set up a Christmas tree in our bathroom because there simply isn’t the space. However, there are lots of little things you can do, and we have asked interior design company Bespoke Interiors to share some tips on how you can give your bathroom a lovely festive feel. 

Coloured towels

Most bathrooms are primarily light and neutral colours, for example, whites, creams or light greys. These colours are found in most bathroom appliances, tiled walls and floors, and because of this, most bathrooms remain fairly plain all year round. Because Christmas is a time where you can get creative and more expressive with the colours around your home, you can do the same in your bathroom. Towels are a straightforward way to add some colour to your bathroom. During the festive season, you can add towels with classic Christmas colour’s such as reds, golds, and greens, to give your bathroom a simple but effective new look. If you want to go a step further, you should be able to find some towels with Christmas designs on.


Small festive ornaments

There often isn’t a massive amount of space to place decorative items in most bathrooms. Because of this, you need to think outside the box to bring festive ornaments into your bathroom. If you do have some space where items could sit, such as some free space on a shelf or drawer tops, think about small ornaments but ones which will add a burst of colour. If you have absolutely no flat space where ornaments could be placed, why not try hanging ornaments. You could use left over Christmas tree decorations and hang them off the end of radiators or on the door handles of cupboards. These little touches can really add to your bathroom.

Festive scents – candles or diffusers

Lots of people like to have a candle or diffuser in their bathroom to add a lovely fresh scent to the room and help them relax if they’re taking a bath. At Christmas, why not get one with a more festive scent. Classic options include orange and clove, cinnamon or gingerbread. These scents can add a really lovely element to your bathroom and remind you of Christmas memories associated with them. To keep things from getting repetitive, you can also get a selection of smaller candles and rotate them each week or every couple of days to ensure you don’t get bored.


Overall, there are lots of little things you can do to enhance your bathroom over Christmas and give it the festive feel the rest of our homes enjoy. Space is often a determining factor as bathrooms can be small rooms, so you need to keep in mind how much room you have to spare. The nice thing with items like towels is that, yes you can use them all year round, or you can save them just for Christmas and bring them out each year to enjoy.



This was a collaborative post with Bespoke Interiors

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