Black Is The New White, But Can You Go Back To Black Without Getting Depressing?

In the grand scheme of home decor, black doesn’t get all that much attention. Until this year, the only black rooms were those of teenagers living out their gothic dreams. The black wall was something of a comic interior feature which every mother dreaded having to incorporate. But, oh, how things have changed.

This year, black is hot in the trend stakes, especially when it comes to our living rooms. Let’s be frank; this is a style which has been coming for a while. Grey has been all the rage for a few seasons now. Our industrial leaning towards materials like concrete has also led us to the black beauty we’re seeing in some homes right now. Whatever you think when you look at a black living room, you can’t deny that it’s a striking and sleek image. It’s like we’re going back to the future by going back to black.

But, what happens if you love the style yet are afraid that things will get a little too…depressing if you put it in place? When you think about it, black is hardly the most cheering of colour choices. If you aren’t careful, you could end up with a dark and uninspiring room which you don’t want to spend any time in. And, that’s not exactly the way to make this interior trend work for you. The good news is, black doesn’t have to bum you out. A quick look at some of the black living rooms already out there should be enough to show you that much. So, what is it that these people do to keep the darkness at bay? Keep on reading to find out.

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Stay somewhere in the middle

In some cases, you may find that painting every wall in your living room black is just too much. Even worse, black paint can be a nightmare to cover over. Before you go all out here, then, think about meeting yourself somewhere in the middle. Opt for a black feature wall which keeps you on trend without plunging your whole room into darkness. Or, go a little further, and use a white feature wall in an otherwise black room. This is a subtle way to get the style you want without going TOO far, and it could be the answer you’re after. You may even find that black walls with white furniture work well, or the other way around. Though these may seem like they aren’t in keeping with the trend, the results might surprise you. The black elements you do include can still create a striking and sleek appearance. And, who knows; once you get used to them, you may feel more prepared to delve into the dark side. Even if not, it’s your living room. You don’t need to any further than you’re willing!

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Contrast could save you

Along the same vein, you could also find that contrast saves you here. Even if you go all out with four black walls, contrasting with colours, and especially whites could be the ideal thing. If you look at a little black living room inspo, you’ll see that there are no purely black rooms. That would be too much for anyone, and it wouldn’t look great either. Instead, part of the impact this style choice brings are the contrasts it creates. A white picture on your black walls, for example, is sure to create a dramatic effect. Even something as simple as white cushions on your black sofa is going to take you far here. If you don’t fancy going for the traditional black and white, why not try red or another stark colour which is sure to create that longed-for contrast? By playing around here, you may find that it’s possible to keep things bright even in the blackest of rooms. Even better, the colours you do introduce are going to stand out more here than in any other room. They do say that the brightest lights shine in the darkest places, after all. If you want to keep things light, then, this could be the solution you need to do it. Even better, you could go as wild with this as you want. You could stick to colourful cushions, or invest in a whole sofa set which adds that much-needed pop. You could focus on accessories, or introduce a bright rug which lifts everything. Your black living room is your oyster, so have fun and see what you can come up with. Play around enough, and you’re sure to brighten up even the darkest decor going.

Use texture

Texture is always a fantastic interior tip, and the same rules apply here. If you use the same matte black on your walls, furniture, etc. it’s no wonder your room is depressing. A lack of texture will leave the whole place feeling more than a little flat. But, the moment you introduce different textures, you bring life even among those black interiors. Black wall panels, for example, can work to add a little interest to what would otherwise be a rather plain wall. Something like the Pantha leather sofa from Duresta sofas could also bring a little shine and interest while sticking to your theme. Even something like fluffy cushions or rugs could work wonders here. Often, you’ll find that more textures are better. With enough of these in place, there’s no chance of finding your black living room depressing anymore. Instead, it’ll become a fun space which is a joy to spend time in. Even better, this couldn’t be simpler to achieve. You merely need to keep textures in mind every time you go out shopping. The chances are that you can find at least three or four options to layer up here. And, that’s all it takes to make this work.

Play with light

While black is in, dark rooms are still a no-go. There’s no way you can stop that space from getting depressing if you don’t spare some thought to your lighting. In an ideal world, you want a good source of natural light to counterbalance the darkness of that paint. If you have a large window in your living room already, then, you’re set to go. You could even use a mirror on the wall opposite to reflect that light around the whole room. Luckily, you have options even if your living room doesn’t get a great deal of light as it stands. You can create the same impact with pendant lighting, which really brings light into the room. You may also want to fill those dark corners with some free-standing lamps. These will help to illuminate every aspect of your space. Remember that everything, from the shape of your lampshades to the lightbulbs you choose, matters here. You may find that it’s best to opt for stark lighting choices which offer the best coverage. They’ll also take you back to that contrast which we spoke about before. And, they could be all it takes to ensure your black room never feels too dark.

Think about your floor

It’s also worth thinking about your flooring. In many ways, this is the underlying issue which can make or break this style for you. After all, the right floor can lift the whole room, and that’s what you want here. We all know, for example, that laminate floors are fantastic at creating the illusion of space in a cramped home. But, did you know that they can also be the ideal finishing touch for your black living room for the same reason? Laminate is fantastic because it’s light, spacious, and it looks damn good, too. By comparison, a carpet is sure to make your black room feel a lot more claustrophobic and dark in general. With a light laminate in place, though, you can balance everything out a lot better. This alone can create contrast if you don’t want to go all out. You can also incorporate a black rug to tie everything together. Either way, you may find that this step alone can see a black room working for you. All you need to do is take a look at which shades you would like. Lighter wood panels work well for creating contrast. Wood with darker tones can also bring some warmth to the room. Think about what you’re after here, and then don’t hesitate to get laying.

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A final word

There’s no denying that getting a black room wrong could be seriously depressing. In no time, you’ll look like a messed up teen trying to explore their style. But, if you turn your interior prowess to this, that black living room could become the focal point of your house in no time. An interior choice like this is a brave move, that’s for sure, but we know that you’ve got it covered. All you need to do is take your time. That way, there’s no risk of you feeling anything but happy when you sit down on that black sofa of an evening.

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