Hot Right Now – Boiling Water Taps

If you’ve popped into a friend’s house for a quick cuppa recently and found yourself with tap-envy, you’re not alone. Because even though it’s been decades since a tap was ‘just’ a tap, what’s really hot right now is a boiling water taps.

Of course, as that smug friend or neighbour will no doubt confirm, making instant cups of tea, coffee and other hot drinks is just the beginning. There’s all the other stuff you can do – blanching veggies, throwing spaghetti and rice into ready-boiling pans of water, making stock, gravy and soup. Degreasing the Sunday roasting pans and even sneaking a packet of Super Noodles. You wouldn’t? Really?

Whilst all that’s happening, you’ve swiped another cluttery appliance off your surfaces, recaptured those minutes of your life you’d have otherwise spent waiting for the kettle to boil and been pretty energy efficient, too.

So, boiling water taps, what’s not to like? Surely there must be a catch somewhere? And aren’t they crazy-expensive?

“There are boiling water taps and instant hot taps,” says QETTLE’s Alex Rowe. “Unfortunately, the latter tend to dispense water at anywhere between 80°C and 98°C, which doesn’t really cut it if you’ve got your heart set on making a proper cup of tea and using your tap for kitchen hacks, such as quick pasta suppers.”

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So, there you are. First on your tick-list – does the tap deliver truly boiling water? Where there’s boiling water, there’s also the question of safety. And again, taps vary. Some appear to use ridiculously complicated mechanisms, which is all very well, but can leave you wondering whether you’re going to get a cup of tea at all. Look for taps that offer a safety clip – if it’s on the tap, it’s impossible for boiling water to be dispensed – and designs that, even without a safety clip, feature a handle lock.

boiling water taps

Another important consideration is whether you’d like your tap to dispense filtered drinking water, too. Most multi-function taps are only 3-in-1. That is, they deliver normal flows of hot and cold water, plus boiling or instant hot water. However, if you regularly lug home litres of bottled drinking water from the supermarket, are in the habit of using a jug filter, it makes sense to choose a tap that offers 4-in-1 functionality.

The cost-savings on not buying bottled water are immense, plus you won’t be contributing to that horrendous mountain of plastic waste. Some tap brands also offer a chiller, which, come the summer, sounds like a great idea.

And so to price and installation. The former can require deep pockets and a similarly deep breath. But it pays to shop around and do your homework; manufacturer-direct deals are out there and happily, you no longer need to find the equivalent of two mortgage payments to fund a boiling water tap purchase. In fact, it’s possible to buy a 4-in-1, 100°C tap for around £500.00.

boiling water taps

Lastly, don’t forget about installation. You don’t need a specialist installer – fitting a boiling water tap should be a straightforward plumbing job. But you – or your plumber – will need to check your home’s water pressure. You’ll also need a normal power socket under your kitchen sink for the tap’s boiler tank.

To sum up, keeping 100°C performance and safety in mind, whilst shopping around online should get you’re the best boiling water tap for your budget. Even better, no one will have an excuse for not making you a cup of tea ever again.

QETTLE is offering 25 TWUSS subscribers a £40.00 discount on a complete QETTLE System. The system includes a QETTLE 4-in-1, 100°C tap, 4L boiler tank and undersink filter system. Buy at and use the code TWUSS1 at checkout. Offer expires 30/06/19.

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