Adding Brutalist Design Touches To Your Home

Brutalist can be such as great design choice for a modern home, as there are many different features and fittings that you can choose between to create the perfect setting.

Ensuring that you can keep to a brutalist style needn’t be a difficult task, as there are a few simple steps which you can follow to complete your interior transformation to the highest standard without the need to spend hours wandering around home stores to find the perfect features.

So, if you’d like to discover more, then read on for some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of today to design the most amazing brutalist home interior ever! 

Search For Inspiration 

Before you decide to attempt your design project, it’s essential that you can search online to find some inspiration for your project that can help you to get set in the right direction. There are many different blogs and scrapbook sites that post detailed content and pictures that show off many brutalist home interiors, and these can be the perfect place for you to start your design journey! Print off or save whichever sources you deem useful and begin to craft your very first design plan to get the ball rolling. 

Lay The Right Foundations 

The largest features are often the most important when it comes to brutalism, and that’s why it’s vital for you to lay the right foundations when choosing materials and colour schemes. The brutalist design sphere contains heavy use of concrete and other similar sources to make up features walls and flooring, so this may be an option for you to explore. Not many bright colours are used in this style, so it’s best to stick to the gloomier of shades such as grey to keep in with your chosen theme. It’s also common for wood to be incorporated into brutalist home interiors in small accents, and this can be a good way to add some variation from other blocks of colour and material. 

It’s All In The Details 

As brutalist style does not involve a large show of eye catching features and colourful patterns, you have to try and make your own statement by paying close attention to the smaller details. It is a very minimalist design choice to go for, but the use of leather and steel can offer a much needed change from the concrete or grey colouring that envelops your home. As a result, investing in a leather sofa and a large steel rimmed mirror could create the ideal minimal living space, whilst introducing plant life can help to soften the atmosphere and add a small pop of colour. Dark green is a colour that fits very well with concrete and leather, so be sure to invest in some exotic fauna to add extra aesthetic points to your new brutalist home. 

Designing your own brutalist home interior has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the top tips and tricks outlined above. 

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