The Resurgence of Cane Furniture – Adding Cane Furniture to Your Home

Cane furniture is by all accounts having something of a restoration right now! Cane and rattan furniture when all is said in done has been prevalent over late years yet this year Cane rattan is getting everyone’s attention. Cane furniture has been highlighted in a number articles in magazines. All in all, what makes this material so mainstream?

As you most likely know, trends from the 70’s have made a noteworthy rebound in the home decor world.

Now is the time where rattan furniture is very on trend. Possibly it’s nothing unexpected that the best-dressed homes will have a component of this vintage earthiness on full view. Yet, this isn’t your cane furniture passed down through generations or found in your mother’s loft. This rattan open-weave resurgence is all new! It incorporates another look with the style of vintage pieces that are getting another life. We’re talking everything from fruit bowls and stools to sideboards, bed frames and wardrobes.

So what is Cane furniture and how is it made?

Caning is a technique for weaving cane to create furniture. The material cane, is from the stripped bark of the rattan stalk which is initially from a tropical region of the world and most regularly found in South East Asia. Erroneously, many individuals mistake caning for wicker. Be that as it may, Wicker is the woven procedure used to make items out of common materials, for example, rattan centre, willow and surge.

cane sofa and cane hanging chair - the resurgence of cane furniture

The best news about this trend is it’s so easy to source wonderful, top quality items.

On the off chance that you are an eclectic shopper you can get incredible bits of vintage cane furniture online and in old vintage furniture markets like Looses Emporium Norwich. I’m adoring where this look can take you. My recommendation is select a few stand apart pieces at that point add some house plants to finish the look.

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