Cleaning Out Your Closet

And no, it has nothing to do with the Eminem song. Marie Kondo has lead the way in the last year or so for people to really dig into what they love, and really just don’t in their homes. And the truth is that we have so much ‘stuff’ that we have inherited, been given or purchased with the intent of using it SO much. And then they get stuffed into the back of drawers or pretty storage boxes. They take up space, sure, but they occupy our minds too – which you don’t notice until they are gone again. 

When it comes to clothing, we are always encouraged to go out and buy more. Invest in small pieces from fast fashion outlets and then in two weeks, do it again. It isn’t good for us or the environment. 

Yes, No, Maybe

It is time to do the hard part. You’re going to have to go piece by piece through your wardrobe and get rid of the thing that you don’t love or don’t wear. And there are probably plenty of pieces that you picked up hoping to wear it ‘one day.’ Do yourself and the clothing a favor and donate it. Send those once-coveted items off to a new home. 

Once you have a pile of yes – things you wear and love, then it is time to move on. 


You and your clothing deserve the best, so look at how they are stored. Badly folded and piled up on a chair in the corner? What about overstuffed drawers? All of those are harder work for you when it comes to choosing an outfit in the morning. Invest in better storage like a 2 mirror wardrobe. If you have plenty of shoes and they are living on the floor, by the front door and on the bottom of the closet then consider proper shoe boxes. Perspex boxes are the best idea.


To stop yourself from buying too much again, every time you think you want something, add on a waiting period of 30 days. This will mean that you have all the time in the world to decide if it is something that you really want long term or you are in the middle of an impulse buying moment.


If you really want a specific item hit the secondhand stores and see if you can give an old piece a new lease of life. Often the clothing is new or in excellent condition and a snip of the price of a new item. If you are conscious of not adding more to your wardrobe than you need you can trade in a bag of clothing at the same time as buying something new. So you’ll never overcrowd your new storage. 


Often wardrobes are dark, and it can get annoying if you wear a lot of dark clothing. So add some battery operated LEDs to the sides and ceiling, so the next time you are trying to find THAT jumper at 7am in the winter it won’t be quite so hard.

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