My End Of Week Cleaning Routine

So I’ve finally got my weekends in order and sorted my cleaning routine after months of constantly being busy.

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So because of my weekly routine I really struggle to have a decent lay in at the weekends. A lay in for me is staying in bed till 9am until I finally decide I need to pee. Yes occasionally if it’s been a hectic work week I can sleep in till mid day but is not happening as often now.

Saturdays are my cleaning routine and house fixing days. I really enjoy cleaning and tidying up and Saturday mornings are my time to shine! Excuse the pun!

Blazej works night shifts Friday night so he’s normally unconscious until about 2pm which is perfect because he doesnt get in my way when im doing a big clean.

The Big Weekly Clean

Yes of course we keep on top of things in the week but by Friday eve the house is just messy and bits and bobs have not been done due to mine and Blazej’s hectic work week!

Washing up all the cups

I may be a home blogger but I still act like a teenager when it comes to glasses and mugs! I’ll go to make a cup of coffee to fins there are NO mugs left in the cupboard – they all end up accumulating in the sink or are in our bedroom – this comes the walk of shame to the sink with all the mugs I swore i would not leave around the house every week!

Dartington mug

Putting all the washing up away

I am the worst when it comes to drying up the washing up! I will happily leave it on the draining board all week “drying” and only removing it when I go to use it again! One day I might change but people that day is not anytime soon! At least it’s been washed up…

Wiping down ALL the surfaces

Just to add here we don’t leave our surfaces to gather gross food and dirt all week but I make sure to scrub down thoroughly all the kitchen surfaces including the hob and the back-splash tiles with pink stuff, elbow grease and my trusty scrub daddy!

Just putting all the random stuff away

We all do it – hair ties, hair grips, random pair of shoes. Things just dont get put away properly and things just get generally untidy! I just make sure to walk around putting everything back in its place!

My End Of Week Cleaning Routine sofa

Clean the bathroom

I just make sure to get all the dust and grime in the bathroom cleaned as well as disinfecting and bleaching the bath, toilet and sink.

Remember to make sure to always wear gloves when using bleach!

Vacuum Time

I recently brought my little baby! We had a big heavy one that was just beyond old and rubbish! I felt like it was blowing rather that sucking up dirt! I went onto amazon to find a small lightweight handheld one that would be easy to use and also quiet (I have learnt not to wake Blazej up after working night shifts! He gets confused like a puppy!)

This jajibot cordless vacuum cleaner was a steal at £99. I was surprisingly shocked with it to be fair. I was expecting it to be pretty naff but I personally think its better than the Dyson handheld that is more than £300. Best bargain buy I’ve brought in a while!

Steam mop time

We are not a household that makes people take their shoes off as soon as they walk in the door. This means our wooden floors get germs on them throughout the week. I make sure in my weekly cleaning routine to give my floor a good old disinfect and mop with my Russell Hobbs RHSM1001-G Steam and Clean Steam Mop. My sister actually has it and I’ve used it a few times at hers. I was shocked at the fact it was only £29! That is less than a round at the pub! I’m so happy I brought it as it genuinely saves me so much more time mopping and it dries so much quicker. If you don’t own a steam mop I want to convert you; you’ll thank me later!

luxe home wax melts
I get all my wax melts from Luxe Home Wax

Candle & wax melt time

The final step is me going around the house lighting all the wax burners and lighting candles! Did you even clean your house if you didn’t light a candle at the end of it?

I often make my own candles as its a fun project to do and saves you money in the long run! You can read my guide here – How I Refill Candles For Under £15

Then comes wine time!


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