Creature Comforts With The French Bedroom Co

Whether it’s the drop in temperatures or leopard print’s monopoly of our catwalks, we seem to be craving creature comforts in our homes.  The French Bedroom Co has released a collection to help you nail this trend with some killer pieces!

Animal prints add playfulness to this otherwise grey time of year while quirky animals and wildlife breathe life and personality into any style of home.

1. Gold Plant Beetle Wall Decoration. £45
2. Cheetah and Palms Velvet Cushion, £32
3. Bee-Jewelled Black Cushion, £32
4. Gold Longicorn Beetle Wall Decoration, £45
5. Stag Lamp, £160
6. Large Black Atlas Beetle, £85
7. Monkey Candelabra in Black, £220
8. Large Gold Hercules Beetle, £85
9. Leopard Print Tray, £29
10. Leopard Print Fur Throw, £99
11. Large Gold Atlas Beetle, £8
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Dogs, leopard print, velvet – this is a truly statement-making 
cushion, that has it all, in perfect dazzling equilibrium.

Bonkers and inspired in equal measure, this cushion is 
both glamorous and quirky.

Once owned by the renowned American burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee, Chinese Crested dogs are associated with glamour and elegance with the fully-coated variety known as ‘powder puff’ dogs.​

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Extra Large Velvet Cushion, £75
Chinese Crested Dogs Velvet Cushion, £45
Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Extra Large Velvet Green Cushion, £75

Bottom Lifestyle Images Left to Right: Crane Wall Art, £89; 
The Hedonist Console Table, £299 & Kilim Vintage Rug in Forest Greens, £299.

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Extra Large Velvet Cushion, £75; 
Shadow Squat Black Pendant Light, £120; Plushious Velvet Emerald Green Bedspread, £340 &
The Hedonist Black 4-Poster Bed, from £995.
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Hand painted onto gold canvas, these eye catching Heron Canvasses have a wooden frame support.

Distinctly stylish against dark backgrounds for full-on impact. We are styling as a pair either side of a bed or fireplace, 
alternatively make a captivating first impression above a chest of drawers or console table in a hallway.

Pair of Hand-Painted Heron Canvasses, £130 & 
Sassy Boo Black Drawers, £525
Percy Parrot on a Perch, £179
Bugs on Show Wall Art, £199
Polly Parrot on a Perch, £179
Bugs on Show Wall Art, £199 & The Ernest Velvet Stool, £280
French Linen Upholstered Bed, £1245; Dewdrops Side Table, £145 & 
Pale Grey Velvet Throw, £198

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