Havana’s 500-year anniversary

Cuba’s capital, Havana, is celebrating its 500th year anniversary in November this year which means Cuban decor is making its way into our homes in a big way!

The decor is a wonderful, bright and fun style that is easy to replicate with a few simple touches. Here are some key trends that easily bring Cuban decor into your home.


Cubans love vivid colours. Think bright colours faded under the sun combined with pastels; ocean-inspired blues and greens alongside terracotta oranges and vibrant yellows. Use on large walls and contrast with different coloured trim.

Weathered and rustic

Cuban homes often feature textured layers of paint and plaster and rustic furnishings. Use a lime wash paint to give the walls a weathered look and, for furnishings, introduce some texture with chunky wood pieces and rustic metal. 

Cement Tiles

Colourful, patterned cement tiles are a great way to bring Cuban inspired patterns into your home. On the walls, floors, bathrooms or patio, these tiles add interest and contrast in any room. 

Tropical plants

Nothing says Cuban style like large leafy, tropical plants. Inside or on the patio, it’s all about volume to create a dramatic lush look. 

1950s nostalgia

Cuba’s 1950’s cars are iconic and still grace the streets today. Use vintage adverts, car photos and licence plates to add this fun look to your Cuban styled home.

Art Deco

Havana is full of beautiful art deco buildings at every turn. Introduce a few art deco antiques or replicas as key pieces to fill spaces and to add interest and charm to a room. 

Cuban decor is nostalgic and charming and a trend that is likely here to stay. With a few easy touches, a room can be transformed into a bright and fun Cuban haven to enjoy a mojito in as if you were in Havana!

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