Halls Room? How Are You Going to Decorate Yours?

uni halls decor ideas

With move in day edging closer, Uni-room shopping is a must! Whether you’re moving into halls for the very first time or going back for your final year, making your home-from-home filled with comfort and personality is crucial when it comes to uni halls decor.

Transforming your uni digs into a homely, stylish centre of relaxation is difficult when you’re on a budget, have tonnes of rules to follow, and minimal space when it comes to uni halls decor. But, fear not, I have everything you need to spruce up your bedroom, from fairy lights and photo frames to compact furniture and storage boxes! Bye bye beige boring rooms. Hello lush room everyone will want to have pre drinks in!

How to get around some of the rules in halls:

Not allowed fairy lights that plug in?

Well you can get around that by either getting your fairy lights pat tested – most universities offer free pat testing. Or just opt for battery powered ones. Just remember to turn them off before going out!

No candles

Well I totally understand this rule. I can guarantee I have left the house with a candle still lit and had to run back in and blow it out. Luckily there are ways around this. You can get battery powered candles that when in holders look really and even flicker! And if it’s the smell of candles you are after you can always substitute with reed diffusers to really nail your uni halls decor and help it smell fresher.

Ugly carpet?

RUGS RUGS RUGS. Yes you don’t really want to know what’s been on that carpet over the years and there is bound to be some unnerving stains. But rugs are the best way to cover them and make your room look a bit different to everyone else’s.

Horrible mattress?

That what mattress toppers were made for. Plus it adds an extra layer between you and the mattress. Trust me you will not want to know how many people have slept in that bed before you!

No Blue Tac or White Tac

How are you supposed to put anything on the walls without actually damaging them or leaving those little marks from blu tac?  Well the wonderful invention named command strips are THE BEST PURCHASE AT UNI. Seriously they leave no marks and can hold a fair amount of weight. Now it’s time to get the large oil painting of your beloved dog out and get it on that wall! Who said uni halls decor was boring eh?

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