Decorating The House? Don’t Forget The Exterior

You probably give the interior of your home a bit of a makeover once every few years but when was the last time you had a look at the exterior? Crumbling faded paint and rotting windows can easily make your home look a bit tired but it doesn’t take too much work to get it looking great again. Next time you’re planning on doing some work on the house don’t forget about the outside, these simple changes will make all the difference.


In the 1970’s and 80’s, there was a couple of exterior home design trends that haven’t aged well. Mismatched bricks and pebbledashed cladding were all the rage but now, they make the house look tired and outdated. Minimalist designs are more popular and the outside walls are no exception. Something simpler looks a lot more elegant so if you’ve still got that old style cladding you should cover it. If you get a thick, good quality masonry paint and do 3 coats on the front of the house, you should be able to cover the cladding and get a good finish fairly easily.

Pressure Washing

Often, the house doesn’t necessarily need repainting or cladding. Over time, moss and dirt will build up on the bricks and roof and make the place look run down, but the stone underneath is still in good condition. If you get yourself a pressure washer and blast all the dirt off, you can make it look brand new again. Then you’ll be able to see whether you need to repaint or not. If you do need to repaint, pressure washing is a good way to clear off the flaking paint.

Replace The Garage Door

The paint on a metal garage door will start to flake over the years and the door itself can get dented up from being opened and closed so many times. A busted up old garage door is enough to make your house look incredibly shabby, even if the rest of the house isn’t that bad. Get yourself a replacement from prestige garage doors and you’ll see a massive improvement right away. As well as making the exterior of your house look better, a new garage door makes it a lot safer as well because it’ll be harder for somebody to break in.

The Front Door

The front door is the focal point of the house and it’s the first thing that the eye is drawn to so it’s important that you make it look great. If the paint is peeling and it’s starting to look a bit tired, you need to give it a little facelift. You can just replace it if you like but there’s no need to spend that much money as long as the wood is still in good condition and isn’t rotting etc. If you give it a good sanding to strip all of the old paint off and repaint it, it should be good as new. If there are only small areas that are rotting, you can repair it with wood hardener and filler before repainting.

The outside of your house is the first thing you see every time you arrive home, so make sure you don’t neglect it.

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