How To Make Your Home More Functional

When we come home from a busy day at work, we want to come back to a home that’s fuss-free and gives us the opportunity to relax. But if you’re coming home to a property that doesn’t function for you and your family, it adds a lot of unwanted stress and can lead you falling out of love with your own property. So to save your property and to make your lives a little less chaotic, here’s how to make your home more functional.

Add More Shelving For Storage

When it comes to storage solutions, it all depends on just how much or how little space you have. If you’re limited, then look at working on what you do have vertically. Tall bookcases, for example, are a great way of utilizing space that you may not have in terms of floor space. Avoid putting things you use on a regular basis at the top and instead opting for decor on shelves that aren’t easily reachable. Shelving is also a great way to add more storage options to your home and to also keep things off the floor. Floating shelves are great and pretty easy to put up yourself if you fancy a bit of DIY. They also make for excellent features on your wall. Don’t just go with something plain and simple. Experiment with styles, designs and colour when it comes to shelving. The more of it you have, the more you can free up what floor space you do have.

Keep Everything Open-Plan

For any size households, traffic flow for your home is important to consider. You want to ensure that everyone can get in and out of a room and that they’re not standing on each other’s toes or having to contort their bodies in an awkward fashion in order to let someone out of the room because a sofa or table is in the way. To make traffic flow in the home easier, it’s important to keep as much of your home as open-plan as possible. This provides your home with the space it needs for you to change around furniture so that everyone can easily navigate around the room without injury or feeling claustrophobic. 

For smaller spaces, this isn’t always an option, but it’s certainly worth looking at furniture that you’re going to buy or replacing any that’s currently getting in the way. Factor in sizes and shapes that will suit the space. Sometimes you need to compromise on style and preference to help you find something that is better for your property’s floor plan. Whether you live in granny flats or a detached three-storey house, keep as much of it open-plan as you can. 

Minimize The Clutter And Declutter Often

The reason that many homes lack function is that they’re often cluttered up with stuff that’s just not needed. That’s why it’s worth doing a declutter of your home every so often to help keep it in check. We forget just how much we accrue in terms of clutter and that’s why you should be doing it at the end of every season. Go room by room with a bin bag and be brutal when it comes to throwing things out. From makeup and skincare that’s expired to receipts and certain sentimental objects that are really just rubbish that can be thrown away. Everything should have a home in your property and if it doesn’t you either need to find one or chuck it out.

Buy Multi-Functional Furniture

Utilizing space is also something that you can do with your furniture. Nowadays, there’s a lot more furniture out there that’s multi-functional because we don’t all own properties that have a wealth of space to play with. That’s why buying multi-functional furniture is handy to make use of the space you do have but to make sure that you don’t compromise on style. Sofas that turn into beds and beds that lift up and have storage underneath. These are just a few examples of how you can buy furniture to have more than just one use. 

Slide Out Drawers In Kitchen

There are plenty of online hacks and methods of creating more space and functionality in your home. One of which is drawers that slide out and these can often be found in the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets that are deep are then quite difficult to access. That’s why sliding out drawers make it handy for you to grab what’s needed without knocking over various things in the cupboard and creating a mess. It also helps you see more clearly what’s in there and for you to do a regular chuck out of food and produce that’s gone out of date. We’ve all had that experience of finding an expired tin of food that’s now got its own ecosystem. 

Having Good Lighting

One of the main things to help make a space more functional is to have good lighting. Being able to step into a room and seeing clearly is better than stepping into a room that’s poorly lit and therefore can easily become messy and have various tripping hazards. It’s good to use clear tones in your home to help with natural lighting, and you should be investing in curtains or blinds that let in the light, rather than block it out. With a combination of good natural lighting and colour choices, it can certainly help lift the mood and feel of a room. 

Making your home more functional will help you find more happiness in your home, rather than coming back to a place you dislike. So to help make your own home more functional, add shelving to create more storage. Use multi-functional furniture where possible to utilize any lack of floor space. Keep your rooms full of light and keep on top of the clutter that’s generated in your home. Have as much as your home, open-plan and have features like slide-out drawers to make everything more accessible for you and your family.


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