Got To Many Things In Your Home? Follow These Tips To De Clutter

Not too long ago, it was a pretty rare phenomenon for the average person to own too much stuff, Now you try to De Clutter Your Home

De Clutter Your Home

These days, however, with all sorts of material commodities and luxuries being more accessible than ever before, “hoarding,” and “clutter” are real issues that many of us contend with on an everyday basis.

Having too many things in your home may seem like a “good problem to have,” but it can actually lead to significant psychological strain and emotional turmoil, as the home environment becomes needlessly chaotic, and it becomes more and more difficult to feel in control of things.

If you feel like you’ve just got too many things in your home, and you just aren’t really the master of your own personal domain in the way you would like to be, here are some things you can do about it.

1.Become a storage solutions ninja

So, first things first; if you have plenty of belongings but cherish them all, and genuinely don’t feel that there’s anything you own that you want to give up, you can overcome the innate chaos of living in a “cluttered” environment, by becoming a storage solutions ninja.

That is, by investigating in and purchasing plenty of home storage solutions – such as boxes, wardrobe units, racks, shelves, and so on – and then meticulously packing away your belongings so that everything has its place, and the floors and surfaces are immaculately clear.

Of course, this will take a bit of work and finesse, and it’s not always possible to fit all of your belongings neatly into various storage units. But, with some careful manoeuvring, it’s likely that you really can achieve some pretty remarkable feats in this regard.

2.Move some of your belongings into an external storage unit

Here’s another solution, that doesn’t necessarily require you to actually get rid of anything: if you have too many belongings for your home, and they don’t fit conveniently in standard in-home storage solutions, you could always rent space at a local self storage facility, and keep some of your excess belongings locked away there, until such a point as you are able to bring them home, or decide to audit and get rid of them.

Prices for external storage units are often fairly manageable, all things considered, and this particular solution can be very positive if you happen to be moving from a large home to a smaller one.

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3.Marie Kondo – de clutter your home

Alright, so maybe you’ve stored everything you care to store, and now you’re just beginning to consider the advantages of scrapping a bunch of what’s left behind to de clutter your home.

Out of all the different decluttering gurus in the world, the Japanese cleaning phenom Marie Kondo has been enjoying peak popularity in recent times for her “Konmari Method” of home tidying.

Essentially, the Marie Kondo method to de clutter your home involves you physically handling every belongings of yours, deciding whether or not it “sparks joy,” and getting rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy.

This is a pretty strong and often harsh approach – but maybe it’s what you’re after.

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