How To Get The Whole Family Involved In Home Organisation

Louis Lim, the creator of the brand new home inventory app WIZT, which helps you to keep track of household items, provides some clever ways to motivate your home organisation – by getting the whole family involved!

Independent playtime is vital to children’s development, and it can give parents a welcome bit of free time as well. But when playtime stops and the last crayon has rolled under the couch, tidying up can feel like a blast of cold water. Children too often resist the very idea of cleaning up after themselves, and let’s be honest: parents sometimes make it worse. Here are two ways to move more smoothly from playtime to cleanup:


Laying down the law is part of parenting. Parents enforce boundaries and schedules, and establishing expectations—sometimes bluntly—is part of most household routines.

But children are sometimes inclined to tune out parental commands. That’s usually no one’s fault: most children aren’t irredeemable brats, and most parents aren’t unrealistic taskmasters. Most often, children who resist parental instructions want to have a conversation about the subject at hand, but don’t feel confident enough in their ability to disagree constructively with a revered adult.

The answer in those cases is often a question. Along with establishing expectations, try asking how your child would meet them. “What do we need to do before we go to school?” “What do you think we should do first if we want to pick up all of these toys?” “Where do you think the coloring books should go?”


Some kids respond to challenges, even if it’s just a matter of timing them while they put away their stuffed animals. Even more kids, though, respond to video games.

Apps like WIZT can add a whole new dimension to cleanup and home organisation time. WIZT is a home-organization powerhouse that lets parents document each item in a child’s room—right down to the last doll—and creates inventories of containers. That’s right: an app that actually keeps track of the toy chest.

The options for home organisation are almost endless: cleanup time can turn into a memory game, a round of I spy, or even a game of what’s-missing-from-the-box? Along the way, kids get the screen time they crave while spending precious little time staring at mom’s phone.

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