Keep Your Home Feeling Fresh This Summer

The summer is something most of us yearn for. The positives being; bright clothing in shops is readily available, the days are longer, and as a result, you feel more energetic and capable of fitting more tasks in your day without the concern of the dark night closing in on you. Obligatory days to the beach, garden parties and BBQ’s are a given. And summery ice-cold cocktails are revived for the season so that you may sit in the sun, sip and take the edge off your day. One of the drawbacks, however, is that the sweltering heat makes keeping your home fresh a little more difficult, and so here are a few methods to keep your home in ship-shape this summer. 

Pack Away Winter

Start by taking a look at each room and spot any winter-worthy things you can pack away this summer. Such as removing winter clothes from your wardrobe and storing them in a box until they’re needed again, putting away the water bottles and packing away the blankets and thick pile rugs. Doing so will make your house instantly tidy, not to mention more functional for the summer.


A build-up of clutter in your home in some cases is proven to increase anxiety and can also make for navigating your home and finding things that little bit harder, this can be especially tiresome during the summer months. Depending on the extent of items in your home that need clearing away or clearing out, whether a skip bin hire would solve your clutter problems or merely going through each room and popping things into a basket, removing stuff we no longer need instantly makes our homes feel fresher and more tranquil.

Fresh Air

Feel free to open the windows and let natures air swarm through your home and get rid of any lingering odours. This is necessary, mainly when it’s warm, as the heat can make sitting rubbish, and pet food that’s left out to become a bit smelly and stimulate bacteria growth with is not healthy for our homes. Alongside opening the windows you can;

  • Placing fresh-cut flowers in vases around your home 
  • Using baking soda in odour problem areas of the house, such as at the bottom of the bin and in the fridge. 
  • You can also sprinkle it over your carpets to get rid of pet and feet odours, leave it to sit to absorb the smell for as long as possible and then simply hoover it away.
  • Take the rubbish and recycling out more frequently. Particularly if you put cat litter or baby nappies in the bin. 
  • Wash your soft furnishings such as your curtains, sofa cushion covers with a flower-scented fabric conditioner 
  • Change the bed more frequently as we are more prone to sweat in the summer months

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to give your home a fresh feeling this summer, even on those days where it feels unbearably hot. Another handy tip for keeping your home fresh this summer is to do your cleaning tasks either early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the midday heat, which can make these tasks a lot harder to do.

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