Stunning Wall Murals From Lana KK

Their success story started in a barn. In early 2004 , graphic designer and artist Kathleen Kolibius-König decided to sell her own abstract works on the Internet. “You can not live without design,” said the young entrepreneur. Since then, Kathleen has followed her vocation persistently and passionately: her outstanding artistic ability unfolds her in ever new design ideas, in bright colors and with great technical perfection. She is getting a little closer every day to her goal of creating unique designs for people with style.

The demand was great, and soon she was able to start her own printing machine with self-generated funds. Because for Kathleen it was clear: The quality, which should have their pictures, they could realize only in the own manufactory and with permanently employed coworkers. So she combined state-of-the-art printing with loving craftsmanship. Self-designed designs, your own photographs or image processing make each motif unique. Lana KK® is only available at Lana KK®! And so only a year after its founding the move to larger premises became necessary.

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They use wood as well as genuine cotton canvas from Europe, and ecological quality paints. For them, this is nothing special, but part of their understanding of quality, sustainability and aesthetics. But for you this means that your pictures have brighter colors and retain their elasticity even when the room climate changes. They are so beautiful on the outside because they are well made inside.

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