How to Style Your Home Like the Love Island Villa

As another season of Love Island has the country gripped and waiting for 9pm each night, we can’t help but become green with envy as beautiful singletons lounge around in glorious sunshine, in the Love Island villa which is on everyone’s wish list. But, whilst we might not be able to jump on a plane and join them, how about bringing some of the Love Island magic to your own home? We can’t all expect to see Anton and Michael pumping iron in the garden, but we can at least show you where to buy the glasses they drink from! So, here’s the must have interior items set to make your home, everyone’s type on paper.

Turn Up the Heat

…with a firepit of course! You can’t expect to get the true Love Island vibe without the all-important firepit. This fabulous concrete bowl firepit from Aldi, would be an absolutely gorgeous addition to any garden. To get the true Love Island feeling, why not gather your friends around and communicate in worried looks and the odd text?


You may have spotted these glasses filled to the brim with miscellaneous wine in the villa, but we would love to add these to our garden drinkware collection. These wonderfully summery flamingo wine glasses were available from Matalan, and of course sold out immediately, but keep an eye out for their return…there’s still plenty of summer left!

Where’s Your Head At?

So you want to make your house shine just as bright as the Love Island villa? We have just the thing! This year you can’t go one camera pan without getting a glimpse of a luminous cushion or throw, and we’re loving these super bright cushions from Terrys Fabrics, perfect for adding vibrance to any space, indoor or out.

Let’s Go For a Chat

If you have a constant need to pull your friends aside for one on one conversations you may want to invest in a swing seat in your garden. Ideal for getting some privacy (whilst every can see you), we love this  two seater garden swing from JTF Home & Garden.

Stay Lit

If you fancy building up your energy bill like the Love Island villa, why not decorate with some string lights around the garden? These lights from Lights4Fun are perfect for adding some ambience to an evening and getting that poolside vibe you’ve always dreamt about.

Bright and Breezy

Ever wondered why the Love Island villa looks so bright and calm inside? Voile. That’s right, voile curtains are key to achieving that bright and breezy look! Get your hands on some Voile Curtains from Terrys Fabrics, just in case you ever find yourself on a reality show in your home and need to achieve that perfect lighting.

Splash of Neon

Any colour, any words, any neon sign. They are everywhere in the Love Island villa and definitely bring a touch of the holiday vibes to the indoors. Whether you want to prop up a ‘crack on’ sign in the kitchen, or hang a big arrow telling you which way to find love, you won’t be short of inspiration from  Not On The Highstreet.


Bean There Done That

A Love Island garden staple since day one, the beanbags are iconic areas of awkward encounters. If you fancy adding a splash of colour and comfort to your garden, head over to Bean Bag Bazaar and choose one of their classic indoor-outdoor bean bags, available in a variety of colours. Awkwardness not guaranteed.

So there you have it, everything you need to turn your house in to the Love Island villa! Whilst we can’t promise the sun or the singletons, your house and garden will definitely feel transformed with these summer interior must haves.

This was a collaborative post with Terry Fabrics


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