Making Your Home a Haven For Christmas

Are you ready for the festive season? Is your Christmas tree already proudly up and displayed in your home? Are the presents already wrapped and waiting patiently to be opened?  If you’re waiting for the start of December to arrive to decorate your home then you’ll want to read these simple tips and tricks to ensure that your home is a haven for Christmas.

Artificial snow

This might be a nightmare to clean up, but the effect it is on your windows and other surfaces is definitely worth it. Use stencils on the windows to create shapes, or just add a little to the corners.  You can even spray it on garlands that you place on the stairs, if you have a plain green garland you can use the snow to give it a frosting effect.  The same can be done for your Christmas tree too, if you’d like to give it a new look, spray some artificial snow over it – much cheaper than buying a new tree.

Fairy lights

Give your home some sparkle with the addition of fairy lights, and they don’t have to be just wrapped around the tree. Decorate your TV stand with some twinkling lights; add them to the stair rail or even your headboard on the bed. Check out Light Supplier where you’ll find a wide range of different lights that will give your home a glistening effect through the festive period. 

Christmas scents

Whether your favourite Christmas scent is something from Diptyque, Jo Malone, Yankee Candle or John Lewis, there’s nothing quite like draping your home in the scent to remind you of this time of year. Candles, reed diffusers, wax melts and even room sprays are great for use around the home, ensuring that when you smell your favourite Christmas scent your transported to the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas stockings

Even if you use them just for decoration, Christmas stockings are must to get your home ready for Christmas. There are some gorgeous personalised options available to buy on Etsy and other sites too.

The scent of a tree

A real Christmas tree can be the stuff of dreams and nightmares, when you consider the clean up. If a real tree isn’t your thing, you can fake the smell of the tree with the addition of Scentsicles. These handy little scented sticks are designed to smell of a real Christmas tree and can be placed easily on your tree.

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