The Modern Bathroom, According to Google

Your choice of a modern bathroom can be a personal thing, suited to your style and personal preference. Still, it can only help to head online in search of inspiration. New research from bathroom supplier Sanctuary Bathrooms sought to do exactly this.

Analysing search data from Google, Sanctuary Bathrooms have designed the most searched for bathroom, from décor to accessories. A valuable study for those looking to identify key trends in one of the most popular rooms in the house. Here are the notable takeaways.

For Décor, Go Grey

When it comes to the colour of the floor and the walls, people are going for soft and light. Based on Google searches, the traditional grey is the most popular colour, and the most popular material is tile. Tiles are durable and easy to clean, making them a sensible choice for any bathroom. Grey herringbone is the most searched for floor tile (22,370 average monthly searches), with grey wall tiles receiving 8,100 average monthly searches.

Complimenting the above are blue and white bathroom curtains (1,230 AMS) and an LED pendant ceiling light (23,000 AMS), which both proved the most searched for in their category.

The Modern Bathroom, According to Google

Flooring: Grey, herringbone, patterned tiles

Wall: Grey bathroom tiles

Window: Small, frosted glass window

Curtains: Blue and white net bathroom curtains

Light: LED, pendant ceiling light

White Is on Its Way Out

Whilst greys and whites proved popular for bathroom décor, consumers appear to be moving away from tradition when it comes to sanitaryware. In the bathroom designed by search volume, the toilet (14,080 AMS) and sink (12,100 AMS) both come in black, as does the toilet brush (1,440). White sanitaryware can often stand out and draw too much attention in a tiled or marbled bathroom design.

Wooden fittings are currently on-trend, as wooden sink cabinets (35,700 AMS), bathmats (8,400), and toilet seats (18,700 AMS) come out on top for their respective categories. Grey also makes a triumphant return as the most searched for colour of shower curtain and bathmat.

Sink: Black, double sink with mixer taps

Toilet: Black, back to wall, close-coupled toilet

Shower: Electric, single shower enclosure

Shower Curtain: Grey, extra-long shower curtain

Toilet brush: Black, ceramic toilet brush

Bathmat: Wooden, non-slip, grey bathmat

Sink cabinets: Mirrored, wooden sink cabinet

Toilet seat: Square, wooden, soft close toilet seat

Copper Baths Are on Trend

Search trends show that today people are opting for a separate shower and bath, leaving you more room to be creative with your choices.

As a result, the freestanding bath is becoming a popular choice in the modern-day bathroom. A luxury addition to any bathroom, freestanding baths can act as the centre point of a classy, elegant space.

The most popular choice on Google is the freestanding copper, L-shaped bath (35,640 AMS). Metallic style fittings are all the rage in today’s bathrooms, evidence by the toilet roll holder and towel rail, which both come in chrome.

Bath: Copper, freestanding, L-shaped, roll-top tub with mixer taps

General cabinet: Tall, freestanding, white corner cabinet

Toilet roll holder: Chrome, freestanding toiler roll holder

Towel Rail: Chrome, heated, double towel rail

Top Tips for Bathroom Trends

  • Don’t get too intricate: Most of us don’t have the necessary budget to redesign our bathroom every 12 months, so we need to consider longevity. Getting too intricate with patterns and fittings can lead to a bathroom that doesn’t stand the test of time. Stick to solid colours and design features.
  • Consider ergonomics: One of the most common mistakes when designing a bathroom is trying to do too much. When making every design choice, consider the overall size of your bathroom and remember less is more.
  • Substance over style: Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the one that comes under the most strain. Regular contact with water leads to wear and tear. Opt for durable fittings that will last rather than stylish ones that might need replacing within a year.

Just like many areas of interior design, personal styles can vary significantly. Ultimately, you should trust your instincts and select the bathroom fittings that suit your style. Follow the advice above and tailor it to your personality for a stylish, modern bathroom that is on-trend.

this was a collaborative post with Sanctuary Bathrooms

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