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Modern wall art is something most art lovers would dream of hanging on their walls at home. The difficulty with these masterpieces is trying to incorporate them into your own home with modern day furnishings. We don’t all have stately homes and castles to hang our portraits in anymore. Mineheart have released a collection of modern wall art pieces that you can blend into your modern day home while making your guests strike up a conversation about the quirks of each piece.

Princess Flaminia Canvas

The glorious Princess Flaminia in a velvet embroidered bodice, her bright pink plumage glowing against the dark blue background of this portrait by Angela Rossi is perfect for any eclectic design lover.

Flamingos have been popular in interiors for centuries, and in the last few years the flamingo trend has come back full force. The probability of you seeing a flamingo piece in your day to day life is actually very high as you can find all different kinds of pieces such as lamps, portraits, statues and wallpapers.

You could style this piece in so many ways. The modernism of it means you could fit it above a fireplace in a bright white room with all attention on this masterpiece. Alternatively if you are a lover of the deep blue colours, you can embellish with a gold frame and gold accessories to match.

Duke Gibson Canvas

The 18th century aristocrats loved their pet monkeys and regularly dressed them up. In this modern day version designed by Angela Rossi, Duke Gibson looks commanding and perfectly at home in his regimental regalia complete with golden epaulets, dark green satin sash and medals for bravery.  Place it pride of place above the fireplace for an eccentric addition to your home.

This could be styled similarly to the Flaminia portrait in which this could become a statement piece you design your room around. Secondly you could style this on a portrait wall with a mix up of modern masterpieces and modern tropical and leafy prints on a busy patterned wallpaper.

The Orange Pencil Canvas

Pencil portraits, a reminder to smile and not take life too seriously, a humble pencil under the nose is enough to brighten our day. Our posture, the way we move and our facial expressions all affect our emotions… so remember to smile and you will feel happier, stand tall and you will be stronger, and move gracefully and you will feel like a ballerina!

“Inspired by a psychological study on the ‘facial feedback’ theory of emotion, whereby people were asked the same questions with a pencil under their nose and without it, and then asking how they felt. They were happier using their facial muscles as, by smiling and doing certain facial expressions, you can actually feel happier…” Brendan Young

I personally love this piece and it just makes me feel happy looking it at! I would style this in my walk in wardrobe to remind me to have fun with my approach to the day and just be a little sillier. Being serious all the time just isn’t fun now is it? This piece would also work really well in in an entrance way to your home to give your guests a warm friendly welcome!

Buck 2 Canvas

Cute and captivating, the “Animal Family” collection of artworks are redesigning your gallery walls of family portraits and adding a touch of adorable humour. Designed by Angela Rossi.

The theme of this art print collection is anthropomorphic dogs, cows, deer and alpacas in the style of familiar family photos. The artwork is mounted in a brown box frame to complement the piece. These animal canvases are a perfect playful addition for your living room decor, or design studio, adding a touch of Patrick LaMontagne meets Jan van Eyck.

This Piece would be perfect to include on a gallery wall with the Duke Gibson Canvas. This gives a darker angle to your gallery wall with the unerringness of the stag. This piece would also work amazingly in a boot room or coat room reminding you of what could be lurking outside.

Yellow mark Framed Printed Canvas

Mineheart introduced a new wall art series by Young and Battaglia studio in collaboration with guest artist Kirin Young. The ‘Spatula’ collection features classical portraits defaced with bold colourful brushstrokes to conceal the subjects original identity. 

Pointing The Blue (Original mixed media painting)

Past meets present, and pixels meet brush strokes. Paying strong homage to some of the great artists of the past, and fusing the abstract with the classical, giving a new meaning to the old. Each piece has been meticulously composed, seeking unexpected harmony between figures, forms and colours to tell a new story. An eclectic modern story of tribute, irreverence and playfulness. An original mixed media collaborative work on canvas from Young & Battaglia art studio with guest artist Vincenzo Sgaramella.

I had the pleasure of seeing this painting first had at a closed exhibition in Cambridge last year and fell in love with it. The use of block colour to make this such a modern masterpiece was so striking and impact-full.

My first reaction to this piece was that it must be placed where it is will be really SEEN, like the top of a staircase so you have time to think about it concept of it on your way upstairs.


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mineheart

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