Time For An Office Move?

On the whole, moving office is a positive move so forget that there’s a lot to do. Either you’re moving into your first office space, your company has grown and developed, and you need more space, or perhaps you’re just moving to a new location? Whichever it is for you, this is an exciting time and a key milestone in your business success. So to try and make it a little bit easier, have a look at this checklist to see what you need to do:

It’s sadly not just a case of moving day comes along, and you’re able to pick everything as it is and move it from one place to another. An office move takes planning, and it may take a little longer than you expect. You need to consider what needs to move and when? There are IT systems, furniture, and personal items to find. Your business may be relatively small meaning that you can do the physical moving on the one day, however, how long will it take you to get set up in the new place? It won’t just be a case of turning up and switching your computers on. So think about what services will need to be connected? It’s likely you’ll need an internet connection and phone lines, as well as cleaning, security and maintenance services (unless these are provided). Similarly, if you have utility services then inform them accordingly, whether that’s to transfer or to find new business energy providers.

Before the big day, create a timeline. Depending on how soon it is that you’re moving, once you have space and you know where you’re going to you can get some quotes from removals companies. Make sure you look for companies that specialise in office moves to understand your business’ specific requirements. About a month before, you’ll need to notify any relevant service suppliers and providers, as well as customers, of the upcoming move. Tell any customers or clients if they should expect any disruption during the move and what alternative arrangements are in place.

Unless you have employed a full-service removal company, you’ll probably need some packing materials like these from Two Men And A Truck. How far are you moving? Will you need specialist transport? Will you need a specialist for moving large items such as printers, computers, desks, and other furniture? When it comes to the day, make sure you have a cleaning company to do a deep clean of the space so that it’s in good condition and you meet any end of lease obligations.

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