Creating A Reading Nook In Your Garden

Reading is one of those glorious things that you can get lost in. A good book can have you gripped for hours. Generally, people read on the sofa or in bed, but imagine if you could create a space that you could read comfortably outside? 

Not only will you be getting the fresh air, but you get to read your book in peace too. Or, if you work from home, you have the option to work outside should you wish to. 

Creating your reading won’t take you long, either!

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Spend a few weeks looking at your garden with a critical eye. When does the sun land? Are there any spots that stay shady too long? When it rains, where gets hit the worst? 

You are looking for somewhere that doesn’t get to battered with lousy weather and catches a considerable amount of light during the day. 

If you don’t have any greenery or plants, you can add some in colourful flower pots. 


You’ll need to clean the area before, and if there are any hedges or fast-growing plants, you might like to consider cutting them back. You can then fix them with gardening wires to help them grow in a different direction. 

Give the floor a really good scrub too. If you have chosen somewhere that has grass, then consider decking – or even better – something from Stylemaster Patios. The floor should ideally be level so that you don’t find yourself at a slant. 


We are lucky that we have so many options now for outdoor furniture. From white clean bean bags to beautiful waterproof corner sofas and matching chairs. For reading, many people like to recline slightly and stay in the position for a while. Pinterest is a great place to start to check out different outdoor furniture arrangements. 

Ideally, get something with plump cushions and a lot of back support. Test a few out and see what feels the most comfortable. 

Along with your seating, you should consider a table. Somewhere to rest your coffee cup, or have your next book ready to go. Maybe even a snack.

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Ideally, you will get a light fitted above where you are going to be sitting, not one that is only turned on with movement, but one you can control from inside. So you can have the light on when the nights are long and warm, it is very peaceful to be outside, curled up with a great book. 

Reading Box

Get a storage box and pop it next to the back door. Fill it with extra cushions, a blanket and some socks – plus spare books. So when you feel like reading, and you are heading into the evening, you will be cosy and warm. 

Even though all of the space in your home is your own, it is nice to dedicate spaces to different things that you enjoy. Also if you don’t use the new space for reading – it will be perfect for relaxing with friends, or just for some peace and quiet. 

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