How I Refill Candles For Under £15

So It seems like forever that I’ve been complaining that candles are damn expensive and you end up paying over £10 for a candle to just run out in a week while being stuck with an empty pot it once was in…. UNTIL NOW!!

So I finally bit the bullet after months of thinking should I, shouldn’t I? Well that day came this weekend!

So I went online and brought some candle wax and some candle wicks to fill up my old favorite candles and now i’m well and truly hooked! The products i brought below helped me fill up all my empty candle jars that in total cost me over £40 originally.

So this is all the old candle jars that I have been holding onto for a while because I knew I could reuse them somehow! Most of these candles were those air wick type ones that last like 4 days before they are burnt out. Others cost me around a tenner and lasted about a week.


removing wax from empty candle jar so i can refill candles

First you need to get the remminence of wax out along with the dead ends of the wick. I placed mine on the hob in a pan of water at the lowest heat setting to slowly melt away the excess and pick out old bits.


the wax i used to refill candles

I then scooped out some of the wax pellets into a saucepan and melted it on a low heat. I made sure to purchase a cheap little saucepan with a lip on it to keep seperate for candle making. Candle wax is NOT to be eaten and neither are essential oils so i’m keeping that as far away from my food pans as possible!


after i refilled my candle

Once the wax was melted completely I popped in a little bit of wax colouring to give it a pinkish tone and dropped in some lavender oil so it smells of my favorite scent while burning.


adding wix to a refill candles

I then got my wicks and wrapped the tops of them around some wooden sticks for stability and placed them in the new candle and left it to cool.


my final outcome of a refilled candle

I finally have one of my favorite candles back smelling of my favorite scent along with ALOT of wax and wick left over to do this over and over again when it runs out! This candle originally cost me £12 and now I can re use it over and over again without worrying if i’m using it up too quick!


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