6th Day of Blogmas – Rooms In Your Home Which Can Benefit From a Rooflight


Getting more natural light into our homes is often a challenge. When you move into a different house, you have the constraints of the existing design and placement of the windows along with the other buildings surrounding you. One way which has allowed people to bring more natural light inside is the introduction of rooflights into their home. To give you some ideas for which rooms work best when adding a rooflight, we have teamed up with Direct Rooflights. On top of more natural light, the addition of a rooflight has a number of other benefits which make them really useful!

Loft conversion

Making the most of loft space can be a really fantastic addition to your home. You can transform the area into a number of great additional rooms, such as an extra bedroom, game space or home office. Rooflights are quite often the only way to bring natural light into a loft conversion. Not only do they add light, but they can make the room feel more spacious and open compared to a conversion with no windows.


If your home has an extension which houses your kitchen, you may be in a great position to add a rooflight. There are a number of benefits to adding a rooflight in your kitchen, but a better ability to control the temperature is certainly one of them. Kitchens can get very hot, particularly when cooking during the summer. As we know, hot air rises, so having a way for that hot air to escape the room at its highest point can really help control the temperature. It’s also great for letting out steam, or smoke (we’ve all had an accident or two with burnt toast or something worse).

Home office

Increased exposure to natural light has shown to improve our productivity when working. If you have a home office and work a lot from home, the addition of a rooflight could be really beneficial. One thing you will need to be aware of is how the light falls and if it’s going to create a glare on a computer screen. There are obviously ways around this, such as adding a retractable blind or just moving your desk, so that the screen is not in the path of the light.



While it’s not a room, rooflights work really well in providing light to stairways which can sometimes be quite dark areas of your home. By adding a rooflight, you can create shards of light which nicely illuminate the stairs rather than just using artificial light.


So there are some ideas for you if you’re interested in adding a rooflight to your home. They can be a really stunning feature to any room, along with the benefits they bring for light and temperature control.


This was a collaborative post with Direct Rooflights

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