How To Use Smart Lighting In Your Home

With the birth of virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, smart lighting is also on the rise. This allows you to control your lighting with a simple voice command or by using an app on your phone. Smart lighting offers lots of exciting possibilities for your home, both in terms of function and style! If you’re wondering what smart lighting involves, how it can be used and what products are available, then read on…

Make life easier in living areas

In the rooms of your home where you relax and entertain, lighting is a key feature. A bright or dimmer light, a cool white or a warm white tone: it all helps to create atmosphere and offset your decor.

What you get with smart lighting is flexibility. Smart lights such as the ELD Diamo Fabric Smart Ceiling Light picture above and the ELD Melby Pendant Light below can be easily controlled at the touch of a button or with a simple sentence. So if you’re putting a film on and want to dim the lights in the living room, or need to turn up the brightness in the kitchen while cooking but have dirty hands, smart lighting is there to help you out and make your life easier. They even switch between warm and cool white on command!

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If you want the advantages of smart lighting but already have light fixtures that you love, you can opt for smart bulbs, like the Saxby Smart Lamp. These can again be connected to a smart app on your phone or tablet, as well as working with all the main virtual assistants.

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Create atmosphere with different lighting colours

This is where the fun really begins. Using different coloured lights can totally transform the look and feel of a room. A calming blue or green tone can be just what you need for relaxing in the evening, while a more vibrant colour can be great for a party. While you have always been able to buy coloured light bulbs, the problem is that you probably don’t want to have red or green lights all of the time. With smart lighting, you have the option to easily change the colour of your lights whenever you want.

The ELD smart light bulb pictured below, for example, connects up to an app on your phone that lets you select the exact colour you want using a colour wheel with slider, whilst also being able to fine tune the colour saturation and the brightness. The possibilities are endless!!

What’s more, with smart lighting, a simple app lets you control multiple different lights at once, meaning you can select different colours for different rooms, or even different corners of one room!

Add a smart lamp to the mix

It’s not just ceiling lights that can be smart – the simple table lamp can also be elevated to state-of-the-art gadget thanks to smart technology. A smart lamp is a great place to start off when you’re getting to grips with smart lighting. Why not try a trendy orb style table lamp like the Damian smart table lamp pictured above in a pretty pink? (Don’t forget, you can always change the colour!)

Highlight with LED strip lights

Who doesn’t love a set of twinkly lights? Wound round the stairs or lined along a ledge or skirting board, they add a touch of pizzazz to any room. And now they are available as smart products too! The VOCOlinc smart LED strip lights and extension kit pictured above have all the advantages of usual smart lighting – remote control, colour changing, timers etc.

Outdoor smart lighting

Last but not least: don’t forget the outside! With WiFi-connected outdoor lights like these bollards, you can light up your garden or driveway with beautiful lights and colours. And to switch them off you can set a timer or simply hit a button in the app. No need to venture outdoors when you’ve already got your PJs on!

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration about the possibilities offered by smart lighting. All of the products in the post can be purchased from Juice Electrical Supplies.

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