Statement Lighting Tips To Give Your Home An Air Of Luxury

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statement lighting tips

From awe-inspiring chandeliers to understated gems, here’s our take on how you can incorporate statement lighting into your home for maximum impact. 

Aim high 

Chandeliers are renowned for being a symbol of decadent luxury and they certainly make for an eye-catching conversation starter. If you want a light guaranteed for discussion, look no further than the Alexandra Thirteen Light Crystal Chandelier.  

This ornate, crystal- embellished light will make a striking fixture and add a touch of glitz and glamour to any room.

If you’re looking for something a touch more understated, you can make a scene with a smaller, chic ceiling light like the Classic 3 Arm Black Ceiling Light, which has a Gothic look that’s bound to capture the imagination.   

Whatever your taste, opt for a light that can’t be ignored if you’re out to make a statement.  

statement lighting tips

Accentuate the positives 

Statement lighting shouldn’t just command attention, it should also complement your surroundings too. 

Wall lighting is a great way of accentuating a specific household area. If you have a nifty console table, you’d like to draw the eye to or a coat storage unit you want to highlight, a wall light is a perfect way to garner attention. 

Not only is wall lighting practical, but it’s also a slightly subtler way of creating a statement look if your living space won’t accommodate something larger like a chandelier or pendant light. 

We recommend opting for understated lights with a neutral colour palette, such as off-white and grey to achieve a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic. 

statement lighting tips

Form and function 

When it comes to creating an air of luxury with lighting, try to think outside of the box. 

Lighting fixtures are becoming more and more unconventional, embracing unusual shapes and materials, bridging the gap between functionality and high art. 

If you like to flout conventions, look for lights that have unique features. These inject an air of modern minimalism into your home. Another growing trend set to become more mainstream this year is lighting with sculptural shapes.  

statement lighting tips

1,2,3 easy as LED 

As more of us begin to reflect on how our lifestyle impacts the planet, it’s important to remember the role lighting can play in this. 

Another of our great statement lighting tips is to use LED Lighting. LED lighting is not only cost-efficient but it emits less heat and is a more environmentally friendly option. But just because it’s eco-friendly doesn’t mean LEDs can’t be stylish. 

In fact, there’s now a variety of eye-catching LED styles available, from quirky ceiling pendants and beyond. 

Pick wisely, and you can protect the environment and give your home a luxurious, modern upgrade too. 

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Floor focus 

If you want to sprinkle a touch of modern luxury into your home, one of our great statement lighting tips is to introduce a floor lamp. They’re both versatile and help introduce an extra light source into your space. 

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