Interior Design Ideas for a Sustainable Home

In 2020 the most stylish thing you can do is have a sustainable home. This mains making the changes you can to your house and your lifestyle in order to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly in general. With interior design tricks, you can easily achieve this as well. There are many tweaks you can to make to give your home a “green” makeover.

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This is a general rule and for most people light is vital to the ambience of any room. When you’re trying to stay green as well, creating as much light as you can allows you to save on electricity. Change all the lightbulbs to LEDs first of all as these are much more energy efficient. They transfer almost all of their energy to light rather than losing it in heat. They are also much more durable so will last longer and save a lot of money. There are also 100% recyclable. Reduce energy waste as well, by keeping lights and electrical or electronic appliances switched off when you aren’t using them.

With color schemes, if you stick to white and lighter options, you will help to scatter light around the room. Point light, both natural and artificial at focal features in the room if you want to show off a particularly attractive piece of artwork or architecture. 

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The Natural Look

Anything natural reflects a green energy and also is trending right now in sustainable homes. Natural materials create a more timeless design, as they don’t go in and out of fashion. The better quality materials you choose will last longer and this is more suitable for a sustainable house. This year people are looking to the long term and buying more permanent pieces. So, you could consider investing in Quartz Worktops for your kitchen for example. The quality stone will last you forever and is trending right now. Marbles, quality woods, and natural fabrics are the kinds of materials you want to be decorating your house with this year. 

Add some green life as well in your sustainable home. There’s always space for a plant, in any room, and will create a healthier vibe. Plants not only munch air pollution but they also are proven to improve your mood and create a relaxing ambiance. Even if you’re not the most green-thumbed, you can’t go wrong with a few low maintenance plants

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Recycle and Reuse

Make sure you do what you can to minimize waste. This is a lifestyle change that most of you will have taken on board in the last years with the growing awareness of environmental concerns. You can have fun with it, however. Create your own decorations from old-fashioned technology. For some more ideas see here. Anything you can do to be creative or individual will make your home automatically trendy in 2020. The important thing is to be unique. If you don’t want to make something from recycled materials, take a look at antique shops and second-hand markets. You will surely find something that reflects your personality and taste.

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