These Signs Could Point Towards A Hazardous Home

Creating a safe environment for you and your family to live in should be your number one priority. It’s a priority of most people, and yet many homes display signs of hazards that can go ignored for a very long time by owners that don’t know any better. If you want to make sure that you’re not ignoring these signs and seeing your home through rose colored specs, read this guide to see if you find anything that could be a cause for alarm:

A Clear Bathroom Floor

The bathroom can be extremely slippy, and you don’t want your family to run into any accidents – do you? You should add secure rugs and non-slip stickers to keep it safer in there, just make sure you dry off any rugs thoroughly to avoid mold. Make sure you have non-slip matts in the bath too.

No Supports

To help both old and young family members get safely out of the shower, you should make sure you have supports in the bathroom. There are many bars out there that are small enough to fit in the shower, and you can add as many as you need if you live with somebody who needs extra help. You may want to add supports around the rest of the house, such as outside or on the stairs, especially if you have kids that you have to carry around and could do with a little help from time to time.

You’re Not Feeling Well

If you’re not feeling well in your home, it could be down to a number of reasons. Allergies could be because of dust getting trapped in your carpet, while things like abdominal pain and headaches could be due to toxic lead-based paint. Don’t attempt to deal with issues like this yourself or you could make yourself more ill. You need to have this looked at by a professional ASAP. If you don’t know what the problem is, make sure you look for help from somebody who does.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is another issue in homes but you can minimize it if you install a CO Detector which alerts you if CO reaches dangerous levels in your home. A detector that plugs into an electrical outlet, which will give you extra reassurance and saves you from needing to change batteries. Ensure you prevent carbon monoxide leaks by having your HVAC system, water heater, and other appliances that use gas, oil, or coal serviced by a professional every year. Make sure your systems have been properly inspected and that you get into a regular maintenance routine!

Pay close attention to any changes in your health before it’s too late. It could be something to do with your home.

No Fire Or Smoke Alarm In The Home

Many fire and smoke alarms are free and easy to fit, so why do so many homes not have them? They will literally save your life in the event of a fire related emergency – there were more than 365,000 fires in US homes in 2015, causing everything from mild smoke damage to total devastation, including death. Adding a smart fire alarm can ensure that you get help ASAP if something like this does happen. Make sure you never leave candles unattended, unplug appliances before leaving the house, and purchase a fire extinguisher even if you install the fire alarm.

Small Toys Going Uninspected

Choking is one of the largest causes of death, claiming nearly 5,000 victims in 2014 in the USA.

Choking is scary and fatal, and something as simple as small toys with loose parts could be to blame. Even food like grapes could be a cause for choking if not cut properly. Make sure you educate yourself on choking hazards so that you can prevent them no matter what. It could be a good idea to monitor kids with monitors when they’re playing in another room, too.

No Child Protection Locks On Cupboards And Doors

When you don’t put child protection locks on cupboards and doors, you run the risk of little hands getting to your cleaning and home maintenance supplies, which are poisoning hazards.

Make sure you prevent things like this from happening by storing medications properly. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications need to be kept away from children and teens. You should protect both children and pets from accidental poisoning by cleaning supplies. Keep all household cleaners in a high cupboard that cannot be reached, complete with a safety lock to keep kids and animals from accidentally finding them. Make sure you’re especially careful with things that kids might find look good enough to eat, like detergent pods.

Cords On Window Dressings And Curtains

Leaving cords on window dressings and curtains can be extremely dangerous to children and infants. Never place a crib or bed under a window with dangling cords, and to keep children from getting tangled up, trim cords to a length that is only accessible to the adults in the home. If you can find a design without a hanging cord, that’s even better.

An Unprotected Stove Top

Burns in the household can be common, and they can come from things like an unprotected stove – but it doesn’t stop there. You should make sure your dishwasher is securely latched at all times and can’t be opened by little fingers. You can add a lock to ensure this doesn’t happen. Using the back burners on the stove can make it more difficult for children to get burned. Don’t put things like toys and snacks near the stove, as they might reach for them. Don’t do it when the stove isn’t in use either, as the kids could easily knock it on. Stove covers will also help to protect your home from a potential fire. Even adults can accidentally knock the stove into the on position when they’re not really paying attention.

Is your home more hazardous than you thought it was? Leave your thoughts below and let us know!

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