A £15 Tip To Update Your Floor Tiles With Tile Paint

So I have had an issue with my bathroom tiles for longer than I care to admit. They are the wrong colour for EVERYTHING else in this bathroom and just stick out like a sore thumb! The tiles themselves are in a perfectly fine nick, it’s just the colour of them and the fact the grout is literal concrete and doesn’t match the wall tiles in one bit.

floor tiles before applying tile paint

So I finally caved after the one millionth time of cleaning them and they STILL look dirty and stomped down to my local wilko to look for a solution other than taking a sledge hammer to them!

I was in luck! I came across this magical thing called tile paint for only £15!!! Yes that’s £15 for a whole new floor! I am as amazed as you are!

wilko tile paint

You can buy this tile paint here

So I’ll walk you through my method and show you the final outcome of my bathroom that finally matches!

Step 1 – Get your scrub on!

Yes you heard me. Time to get your elbow grease out and scrub those tiles until there is no form of dust or mark on them what so ever. If you have anything left on them it will cause the paint to bubble and peel and you are not going to want that to happen!

Step 2 – Dry your floor like there is no tomorrow!

This is common sense but someone somewhere will forget this I guarantee it. Make sure your floor is 100% dry. If there is any form of water for cleaning product on there guess what? Yup you got it. Bubbles and peel! I recommend one of those micro fibre cloths as they will not leave fluff on the floor and will help pick up any rouge dust flecks.

Step 3 – Prime Prime Prime

No I’m not talking about the Amazon kind. Make sure you prime your floor before using the tile paint to make sure you get the perfect result. They advise two coats rolled on thinly and evenly with a sponge/foam roller. I only used one because I was being particularly lazy and wanted to do it in the quickest amount of time due to that being our only toilet in the house and it was going to be out of action!

Step 4 – Get your tile paint out!

Finally we get to the fun stuff! Once the primer is completely dry, you can start to add your tile paint. Please note that the paint is very thick and gloopy so you want to make sure you roll it on very thinly. If you do thick layers it will take eternity to dry!

This paint tin specifically brands itself “one coat” when in reality you will need more than one. I was lucky as my floor originally was a light colour but once painted you could still see the grout showing through! A second coat was needed. The only downside to this is that you need to leave 48 hours between coats to make sure each layer dries correctly.

Step 5 – Wait it out

This was the major downside. This is our only toilet in the house and even though the tin states 4 hour dry time and then 24 for it to no longer be tacky the paint took a lot longer than 4 hours to reach that. We couldn’t even dare touch it for 12 hours and that was with a fan constantly on it. We resorted to having to use the bar down the street to be our toilet! Luckily it was an excuse to have a beer in there!

The Outcome

Overall I’m really happy with the outcome of this little unexpected project and a HUGE amount of people in one of my Facebook DIY groups seemed to enjoy it too!

tile paint post in a facebook group

Would you paint your tiles to a different colour? Or have you already done this? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to link me to any of your projects like this!

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