Why Are Millennials Obsessed With Pot Plants?

It’s 2018 and all i can see over my Instagram and Pinterest are stunning rooms filled with pot plants. There are student houses with piles of bins not taken out but of course they will have a pot plant next to the TV.

Why have millennial’s taken on the love for pot plants and succulents and why?

They Make The Air Cleaner

They not only look pretty but they slowly filter the air in the room. We all studied basic biology – plants produce oxygen and considering most millennials are living in tiny houses/flats they need all the oxygen they can get in those little spaces.

They Give You Something To Look After

It’s well known that millennial’s are having kids later in life to concentrate on careers. This is a way of replacing the gap of not having anyone you are responsible of looking after. This is an easy way to give you something to take care of in an easy and simple way.

They Just Look Nice OKAY

They look pretty and improve the ambience in your home. They just make you look a little more put together than you actually are.


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