1st Day Of Blogmas – How To Create The Perfect Mood With Your Hospitality And Retail Space

I’ve teamed with CTD Architectural Tiles as they show how you to use tiling, from boutique shops to cafes, to create a certain desired mood – read on to find out more:

Tiles are both a functional and stylish choice for many hospitality, retail and commercial establishments. They play an important role for creating a safe and efficient environment, often providing anti-slip qualities, as well being extra durable for high footfall areas and easy to clean.

However, they are also important on aesthetic level. In creating the right environment, tiles can help to set the tone and contribute to the atmosphere of a space in a way that’s visually pleasing.

From a design perspective, commercial tiles now come in such a wide variety of colours and pattern that it possible to find a range to suit every style. Indeed, shops, offices, and other places open to the public require flooring that contributes to the overall aesthetic and makes spaces pleasant to spend time in, so that people stay for longer and return.

It’s vital to consider how the commercial environment you’re creating will affect the behaviour of your visitors. Colour psychology is a powerful interior design tool that impacts the mood of a room more so than any other factor. Different shades evoke certain emotions so, when choosing colours, it’s important to consider the kind of atmosphere you wish to create and which colours will help to achieve this. Whether you’re looking to add the odd pop of colour or decorate the entire room, the psychological effect of your commercial space can have a huge impact on your customers’ experience.

Let’s consider a couple of specific examples. If you’re designing an office space, it’s likely that you’re going to want your office to maximise productivity and encourage collaboration. If you’re designing a spa, you want your space to create a sense of relaxation and tranquility. The clever use of tiles in your commercial space can help you to achieve this.

Often, plain white offices can look clinical and unwelcoming. Instead, choose a colour such as blue, which stimulates the brain and is good for staying focused, or yellow which inspires creativity, or green which represents balance. Our Crackle Metro tiles provide a modern look with a crackle glaze, and are available in a beautiful marine blue colour to boost the business’ productivity. We also offer a Bevelled Metro tile in bright yellow to really get those endorphins pumping!

For a spa-like environment, choose neutral tiles for a balanced and calm design scheme. Our anti-slip tiles from the Stone collection are available in a range of colours, including Beige, providing a neutral textured surface to your space. Alternatively, create a natural environment reminiscent of the great outdoors through the use of natural plants and pops of greenery. Our Amazonia range embodies the tropical trend for botanical prints and provides the charm of a lost paradise that immerses guests into a sensory experience.

Patterns are also a great way to stimulate the brain and attract the attraction of potential customers. From patchworks of muted tones to monochrome geometric patterns, decorative floor tiles are being increasingly favoured by the commercial and specification market. Ideal for those designers or architects who are looking to make a statement, we have some beautifully patterned tiles for commercial spaces, including those in our Cuban & Havana ranges. With these collections, a range of geometric shapes and motifs can be combined to create continuous patterns that will create a bold first impression. Available in white, green, grey and blue, there is a colour to match all commercial interiors and a design to suit every kind of environment.

Cleverly decorating your interior space in the correct way can influence your customers and provide them with a better experience, and therefore make them more likely to spend more money with you – ultimately it all boils down to the bottom line in business! But why not have some fun along the way and see how tiling can help you to create the perfect environment for your commercial, hospitality or retail business.


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