Chic Restaurant Styles That Will Be Popular In 2018

If you are a devourer of interior design content and magazines like me you will know that the interior design of a restaurant is one of its most essential features. In fact, although people go for the food, they tend to stay for the atmosphere that a place creates, meaning that the design is something that needs to be spot on. With that in mind,  why not check out the rundown of the chicest new styles we will see more of in 2018, below. Who knows, maybe it will inspire your next business venture or even a home refit with a little more edge?


Luxe Minimalism


Luxe minimalism is a style that has been pretty popular in the past and will continue to rule this year. It primarily consists of a white or monotone pallet, usually of black and white, but sometimes a brighter single colour can work well too like at Sketch in London, see the photos below to catch a glimpse of the pink paradise. The key elements in this style of venue are high ceilinged rooms housing low profile furniture; wooden floors in a neutral finish and long hanging pendant lights that illuminate the individual tables without producing an FBI interrogation effect.

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Of course, with a classic style like this, there will be updated details that you need to pay attention to that will ensure that your interior is bang on trend. In particular, this year marble effects in greys and whites are on trend, and this is something that you can use the artwork on the wall, or even crockery and cutlery on the tables to achieve. Be sure to team it will highly polish metallic surfaces such as gold or silver, to give that pervasive sense of luxury.

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Urban Brutalism


Of course, not all venues and clients suit the minimalist look, so if you are going for something a bit different why not consider some urban brutalism? This is a straightforward, almost utilitarian look compared to the others that are discussed here, but that doesn’t mean it can be successful. In fact, this is the sort of look that works perfectly for eateries, and coffee houses that are in the trendy, artsy places in town and full of bright young things discussing the latest performance art piece they have seen and taking selfies.


To achieve this urban brutalist look, it’s vital that you start with the right base, which in this case is roughly finished concrete as in this example. That means rough finishes on the walls which can be embellished with paint if you so choose, as well as a concrete floor. Although, the floor should be polished for two reasons. The first is that it looks fantastic as you can see in this example and two it is a much more practical option as it is easy to keep clean in a high footfall eatery establishment.


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Polished concrete floors are an essential part of the urban brutalism trend.


Although it’s not all about concrete, in fact, it’s crucial to offset this with modern style Scandi chairs and tables for your patrons, as this will give it a trendy look, rather than it feeling like a Russian gulag prison. Team this with the right tableware and linens as well, and finish with gallery walls full of abstract black line art focused on each table and you can create quite an impactful space.


Dark Elegance


However, some restaurants are all about the refinement and creating an intimate atmosphere, and if that is the case for the establishment you are working in then why not consider a dark elegance type theme? A word of warning here though, this is not an atmosphere that can be created on the cheap! In fact, everything has to practically drip money and style, and be as sturdy as possible because it will get plenty of wear and tear in a busy restaurant environment.


To create such a space start with the walls, no bear concrete or white paint here! Instead, think opulence and go for a textured wallpaper in a darker shade such as forest green or maroon. Echo this with long luxurious rugs place underneath the dining tables and chairs. Use rugs because they are easy to remove and clean while still creating that feeling of luxury.

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Then consider carefully the tables themselves and how they will be dressed. The actual tables need to be study as well as stylish and ones in darker colours such as black gloss and mahogany brown work best. Don’t forget to dress the table with the right linens and tablecloths in darker colours to match the rest of the room. Then decorate with crystal, gold, and mirrored crockery and cutlery.


The lighting in the room is pretty important too, and it should be mainly wall lights and uplighters, perhaps in a glass and gold 1920’s art deco style? Place these around the room to illuminate but not overwhelm.


Modern Abstract


Last of all, if none of the decor schemes above appeal what about going for a  bright, modern abstract style venue? Such a venue is probably the easiest style to pull off as its include white walls and furniture in eye-popping colours which are surprisingly easy to get ahold of these days.


Use oversized abstract artworks with bold strokes to line the walls, and add an element of the organic in to bring it right up to 2018. For example, tables created from vertical slices of trees with the bark still on the outside on work well, as do hanging pendant lights that are made from branches and twigs.


Window frames and chairs should be brightly coloured too so consider hot pink, orange and yellow and feel free to use all those colours rather than limiting yourself to one theme.

Coloured chairs are a great way of introducing some interest.

In fact, strangely in this sort of environment, the mix of colours will break the room up more to ensure that it doesn’t become come too overwhelming. Although, you must remember to stick to a maximum of three main shades, and ensure that everything is set against a background of white to keep it a fun, vibrant atmosphere. Otherwise, it could end up being one that will that make diners queasy and end up putting them off their food!


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