Tom Dixon disentangled the insides of the restaurant by emphasising an expansive palette of extravagant completions and genuine materials which were decided for their life span. Wood was utilised to line the dividers and supplement the marble-top+ bars while profound tones of oxblood upholstery and metal apparatuses differentiate splendidly to give a contemporary gesture to the 60’s universe of promoting. At the 350 sqm restaurant, guests can appreciate a wide assortment of things, from books to French baked goods, to gems, to stogies, and champagne, obviously.

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‘The unique Parisian identity of Publicis drugstore has always inspired me. I remember having been brought there, late at night, aspirin. I remember the publicis’ logo representing a lion in stainless steel. It relates to a certain image of France. modern, looking to the future.’ – Tom Dixon

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Reminiscent of a respectable men’s cave, the library lounge offers a somewhat unwinding and hint eating zone for visitors to appreciate. It is wrapped with a bespoke metal and reeded glass bookshelf which gives the most extreme protection and partitions the retail and feasting spaces. Tom Dixon outlined the furniture of Le Drugstore, including the smaller scale wingback seats, completed in dark and profound yellow.


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