Pizza Express Re-design

Recently a company I work with were involved in the re-vamp of Pizza express by helping it gain four new styles to it’s restaurant chain.

While competing with brands such as “Franco Manca”, the brand was slowly looking and feeling worn out and in dire need of an up-do, and lick of paint.

Pizza Express have got back on top again by generating four new interior concepts to fit in with the areas they are situated in, and to target the demographic of the area.

 “Talk about tailor yourself to the environment“

The styles are High street, Heritage, Urban and Retail. These have been specifically designed to fit in with the demographic of the area and draw more local customers in.

This is where WARING’S jumped in with some stunning pieces of furniture most high street chains would be envious of! We refitted one of the “High street” locations in the hub of Richmond, London.

They opted for sleek and simple designs that were all different shapes and styles, but flowed together in an extremely aesthetically pleasing manner.


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